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May 2, 2012, bought money order at W for $100. Went back May 8th, wanted to return it for $100., no longer needed it for the purpose it was intended.

Patrick and Michael, 2 of the managers at the Won Alberta, Amherst didn't know the money order policy. Nannette, a customer service worker, incorrectly informed them that if there was any writing on it, W could not give me my $100. back. Called 800 # on back of Money Gram when I got home & automated message informed me that with ID (my drivers license which I showed Patrick and Michael because Patrick said maybe I found the it and basically accused me of being a criminal), both ends of money order, & writing not used for intended purpose on back; it could be cashed.

Had an appointment on May 9th., in Buffalo; so decided to stop by at Wegmans on Amherst; spoke to Megan, a manager, who informed me that if I had bought the money order at her store the would give me my $100., but they couldn't cash the 1 I bought at Alberta Dr. She called Alberta Dr. and said they would cash it for me. I spoke to her for about 15 minutes and told her not to lie to me because I had to take 4 buses to get there.

She gave me her phone number. When I got to Alberta, James at the service desk gave me a form and said something to the affect that they weren't comfortable giving me back my $100. and that I would have to fill out a form and go through the asinine procedure of waiting several months before I received my $100. After Alberta mistreated me for 2 days and the manager at Amherst, Megan, stabbed me in the back and lied to me (I called her from Alberta and she couldn't justify what she had done to me); James had the never to tell me to have a nice day.

I told him where he could put the form. I went to get a cup of coffee. Tried 1 more time to speak to a manager. Eric, a manager, just gave me the form solution.

I told him Good-bye and I didn't want to deal with him because W refused to give me back me $100. Then a 6 foot tall man named Steve with folded arms started following me around. I'm a 58 year old woman who is 5 feet tall. I'm a breast cancer survivor with multiple health issues who took a total of 11 buses, several phone calls with approximately 30 minutes on my phone until I had no more minutes, and 2 days of my life to resolve this surreal situation at a store that should know better to no avail.

I'm on a limited income and have been doing business with W for 23 years. 12 of those years have been at Alberta Dr. I will never shop at W again. I intend to write a long letter to Danny W, the owner.

Put a column in several newspapers. I've been advised to call 2 on your side.

Also, I intend to blog on every site I can find on the computer. I can buy my food at other local stores.

Review about: Wegmans Manager.

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Money order scams happen often than you probably think.

Chantilly, Virginia, United States #696429

Oh no... I hope you didn't really go in there expecting a job.That wasn't really Danny...

Customer is always right.

Mr. Wegman:

I just read your comment today.

Thank you.

I accept your offer of employment.


Hello there,

I wanted to take the time and apologize for the treatment you received at my Alberta Dr. and Amherst St.

locations. I am a bit taken back that my employees responded to your situation in such a malicious way. It is very obvious to me that you were a victim, and I cannot and will not stand for this. I have taken note of the employees that you mentioned and can assure you that they will no longer represent my family's name.

Each one of them has recieved notice that they are no longer employed with our fine company. Furthermore I would like to resolve your issue immediately. I have not recieved your letter as of yet, but invite you to come back to our Alberta Dr. or any location to be compensated.

For starters, you will be given your $100 immediately upon return of the money order that you purchased...no forms...no ID, your word is all that I require. Second, I would like to purchase a bus pass for you, and renew it as often as needed for the rest of your life. I want to ensure you can travel as needed. Most importantly I see that you are on a limited income.

I would like to help you with whatever situation you are in by offering you employment with my company. I have just fired everyone that was involved with this mess and need a quality leader such as yourself to lead my team at Alberta Dr. My challenge for you would be to retrain the staff and give them the knowledge that will ensure each and everyone of my customers leaves with a smile on their face. It is obvious to me that you are qualified for the job so you are hired immediately, pending your acceptance of the job.

I am very excited about bringing you on the team and I am very confident that you will ensure that our policies are revamped so that we can stop targeting and harassing innocent customer such as yourself. I look forward to hearing from you and hope that these solutions work for you. If you have any other questions or comments, please feel free to contact me at anytime.

I am here for you. Thank you for your loyalty over the years, and I HOPE YOU HAVE A GREAT DAY!!!


The rambling, abusive writer of comment #1 is probably an employee of this company & by their comment it is self-evident how certain targeted people are abused. From what I have read on-line, this company spends over 1 million dollars a year lobbying for their own special interests.

Some of the corporations in America are turning most of our elected officials into puppets which in turn is ruining our democracy. If you shop at the newest location of this company in Western New York which is located on Amherst Street in Buffalo, NY, you will notice that the employees don't seem to reflect the people who live in Buffalo and in particular the west side of Buffalo. Buffalo is the 3rd. poorest city in the country.

Hire the people who live on the west side of Buffalo or who live in Buffalo. They need jobs! If you sit upstairs at the Alberta Drive location to eat your drink or eat, you will notice large electrical plugs everywhere. It looks like a fire hazard even to a lay person.

I believe there may be a similar situation at the other locations in Western New York (Mckinley Parkway, Sheridan Drive, Amherst Street, Niagara Falls Boulevard, and Transit Road).

I've only been at the Amherst Street location 3 times and the last time I was there, there were 4 Buffalo firemen in the store. Also, the last time I went to the Alberta Drive location, the fire department was there and all the people had exited the store.


Wow, you're a ***.

Further, it's impressive that you can afford 11 buses but you can't pay for 15 minutes on your phone, very interesting. Perhaps you could divert one of those bus routes toward a bank and get a real account like the rest of the population did back in the 1800s. From your own account, they clearly tried to give you a form, perhaps instead of wasting your welfare-induced free time away, blogging across America, you could shut up and accept the form. Logic is hard. For one, your anti-Wegmans blogging crusade can't hope to bring down one of the single most successful chains in the North Eastern states, you're wasting your time. Again, time that could have been spent communicating with the Money Gram company, instead of blowing a fuse at the middleman. Its great how this poor James character offered you a solution and a nice day, and you pretty much told him to screw off - that's another point against your one-man-army-approach to taking down a company that deals with insane asylum rejects like yourself. On an unrelated note, your vocabulary is very impressive... impressive, considering the elementary level grammar skills at your disposal.

This entire complaint is ridiculous,

Have a WONDERFUL day :grin

to John Smithiggins #654473

HAHAHHAAHAHA John said it all. You are absolutely ridiculous and a paradigm example of what is wrong with the world today: lazy idiots like you. Get a job (not a Wegmans you'd be terrible there) and stop your obsessive blogging you psychotic primadonna.

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