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I tried to report this to the customer service desk but the attendant was not qualified to handle any type of stress without shouting.

I tried calling the 800 number but the employee who answered the phone call told me that since Wegmans is private property, you can do what you want and nothing can be done about it.

That may be true, but what I can do is to pursue a campaign of informing my friends and family of what goes on at your store. I can also pursue a civil law suit. I am definitely reporting my experience to the media.

Apparently, your organization feels the need to pick and choose, single females, sitting alone in your store, to enforce a non-squatter rule.

I was sitting alone today, for only one hour and there were two employees, one was clearly not all there and was lead by a black skinned female. They were laughing about it, and making fun of me.

Just so you know, I own my own business, I have a master's degree. I am not used to such negative treatment, especially since I am not guilty of anything that would give you just cause. I think that if you are going to tell these 2 employees to approach customers, you need to first provide them with skills in manners. Or, perhaps you should bring a manager when citing the riot act to guests in your store.

I am so outraged by this treatment, I have a pounding headache and am now going to see my medical doctor.

If I was a person who could be easily intimidated, I would have started to cry over such unjust treatment.

How dare you send these two ladies, who have the job of cleaning tables and taking out trash, to pick out only those single women sitting alone, to read a piece of paper, in front of the other customers, and by the way, there were only 7 other people sitting in that area.

An older woman, who has the same job of cleaning up the tables and taking out the trash, said to me last week, that your store even puts up a sign, pretending to close down one area of the cafe. She is over weight, has short white hair. She said that you do this, to decrease the number of tables available, to justify the policy of not allowing certain individuals to stay more than an hour or so.

She explained and even described several women, who the store management does not like, and they only enforce this rule for some people.

I did not like it when she told me this entire story last week. I did not think that it is good to single out people, and for employees to talk about customers.

I really did not like it today, when I saw that your employees only approached women, who were sitting alone.

I am so angry right now, that your policy chase me today.

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ElsielsA, You say you have a master's degree. How did you write your master's thesis and have it accepted with your poor use of the English language?

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