This morning 7/23/24 I was doing my weekly shopping at Wemans @ Great Northern on Route 31. Since I have so many groceries I always ask for walk out service.

I usually get a rather nice gentleman but instead I got someone named "Vito". He smelled and his clothes were filthy. He through my bags in the back of may car even though I was trying to help because to prevent damage to my eggs, fruits, vegetables etc... While I know that being outside in this weather is hard I am still shocked that Wegmans would not require him to come to work cleanly.

A toothbrush and soap go along way. I haven't said much before but today was the straw that broke the camels back.

In the future I will carry out my own groceries which is a big inconvenience since that was one thing that set Wegmans above the rest. Maybe another one down the street will serve my purposes better.

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The same thing happened to me. I think his name was "Vinnie." He needed to comb his hair and absolutely should learn to use an iron.

It took him forever to get to my car. He kept tapping everything with this long stick. This made me mad because he could only carry one bag at a time. I was flabbergasted when he asked me to hold on to his arm and guide him to the car.

If he took those dark sunglasses off, he could probably see clearly!

I expect more from Wegmans service. Do they not appreciate my business?

What did I do to deserve this unsavory treatment? I feel your pain.


BOO-HOO carry your own groceries.


awww poor lady. you have to carry your own groceries? what a terrible terrible thing.

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