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It's a long story, but a Wegmans store in the Syracuse NY area tried to frame me for shoplifting. They apparently have a history of accusing customers who behave strangely, threatening them, and making them pay a $150 fine. Then they put you on their books as a shoplifter. I no longer shop there and never will again.

This bad experience has opened my eyes to a lot that is wrong with Wegmans. They're upscale, but they sell the same average products as most other stores. Their Wegmans-brand foods are sub-par, will make you sick (I've been sick 3 times), and have all sorts of recalls. They do sell imported and gourmet items, but you can find the equivalents in other food outlets and they're of better quality.

If you have a Wegmans in your area, find another way to shop.

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If you HATE Wegmans, and the food made you sick, why were you shopping there in the first place?? Just go elsewhere


I was caught for shoplifting, even though I had stored in the thing and it scared me so much that I end up just paying for the fine and now everyone thinks I'm a shop lifter. I was caught for shoplifting, even though I had stored in the thing and it scared me so much that I end up just paying for the fine and now everyone thinks I'm a shop lifter It sucks and I hate weekends fo it sucks and I hate wegmans for it.

I paid $150 for something I did not do. And now it is on my record.

Buffalo, New York, United States #585735

This strikes me as especially odd, considering that standard operating practice for Wegmans nowadays is that any employee not related to loss prevention is no longer allowed to even attempt to stop anyone they think might be shoplifting, due to liability reasons. Though this might just be Buffalo.


In reply to these posts... 1) I don't know when some of you worked for Wegmans.

Maybe the employees are not trained to spot odd behavior, but your managers and security people are. They belong to Infragard & are advised to look for strange behaviors. So just because you weren't trained doesn't mean it doesn't happen. 2) I was never confronted about shopiifting and never arrested for that or anything else.

Yet, I was treated as a criminal by the security staff. 3) I spent an ENTIRE DAY IN BED after getting sick with food poisoning from a bad eggroll at the Wegmans on Taft Road in Liverpool NY in 1993. I also got food poisoning from orange juice past the due date and old lamb meat. So my experience is not yours.

4) The store is in Fayetteville NY.

Call them and ask about the lady they framed in 2007. They all know about me.


I left the Wegmans in Donwingtown with over $200. worth of groceries I had paid for.

I was stopped as I was approaching my vehicle in the lot. Taken back into the store by 2 males and 2 female, told that I was caught on tape, told to turn over the items I had supposedly shoplifted, told to empty my purse and remove my jacket for inspection. I did not steal anything. They said I was very good and they may not have found th items this time-but they would get me next time.

I will never set foot in that store again!

I stole nothing. In hindsight, I should have called the police and an attorney.

to Held Hostage by Wegmans Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, United States #954430

I should have done the same. But I have no money to pay an attorney.

And Wegmans is part of Infragard, so they are chummy with the police. It would have done me no good.


I know what she is talking about with getting sick from their food. I have gotten sick two or three times from the Wegman's olive bar.

It just gives me mild food poisoning for a few hours (a little stomach cramping and diarrhea). But I love the olive bar so much but getting sick sucks. It took me a couple of times to be sure that it was the olive bar making me sick. I usually get hummus, pesto, pepadews, and pickled onions.

There are so many people who sample from it and then lick their fingers and then sample some more that it is no wonder I get sick eating it sometimes.

I try not to get anything from it anymore. I guess the stuff just sits there so long and people introduce so much bacteria into it that it is like a big petri dish.


I'm sorry I read that wrong. It wasn't chris' story, it was sheerah.


I believe that chris' story could have happened. I was in a similar situation.

Wegmans security is very unprofessional. During the hustle of christmas week I made the mistake of shopping at this store. After an eight hour day of work I went grocery shopping picked up a few things, ordered a large sub and chinese food from the walkery. Every cashier line was open and crowded so we made our way over to the pizzaria to cash out.

While there waiting I began a phone call that lasted til I was at the register. Being absent minded I forgot about the chinese food in the bottom basket and the cashier hadn't said anything about it either. Not realizing it I walked out the store with the food soon after security was yelling at me and having my boyfriend and I come back into the store. Once I was in the security office I was being told im going to be arrested.

I still had 70 dollars on me that day and was more than willing to pay for the chinese food. When I said that the male security guard began swearing at me infront of another female employee who became teary eyed. The man kept swearing at me, calling me a "lying ***" and using words like "***". Even under the circumstances I was there for I found the male security guards language to be very unprofessional considering I was being cooperative and compliant.

The only time he stopped speaking like that when I pulled my cell phone out and began recording the conversation. After being arrested and publicly humiliated infront other customers i was told my groceries could be picked up by my boyfriend but the security guard gave him a hard time about it even though there was a recite for the groceries in the bag.

Reguardless to say I am upset this has happened and disappointed in the way the matter was handled. But just like a former Wegmans employee told me before, I'm just a quota.

to amber Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, United States #962612

Thank you for telling this story. Wegmans security are overpaid thugs.

They get their jollies from doing this type of thing to customers.

It's not about catching real bad guys or being fair anymore. It's about filling quotas and get paid for it.


Why won't you say which store, is it because you were actually shoplifting and you don't want them to sue you for posting this letter? Just asking.

to Chris Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, United States #954419

Hi, this is Sheerah. I have no problem saying which store.

It was Wegmans in DeWitt NY. Phone: (315) 446-1180.

In fact, for a time in Fall 2007, I received several anonymous, silent phone calls from that store. So they harassed me after I left the store for good.


I worked at a Syracuse-area Wegmans for several years and nothing was ever said about watching customers for strange behavior. The focus was on doing our jobs in a timely and courteous manner.

When I lived in the area I ate Wegmans-brand products all the time and loved them all. Now that I'm in an area without a Wegmans, with a grocery store that does not have nearly as many store-brand products, I miss Wegmans terribly.


Interesting... I worked at Wegmans briefly and we were never trained to profile odd customers like you.

Believe me, I saw scores of odd customers and management just let 'em all go off on their weird ways. Also, eat their brand foods all the time, never sick.

There are just some people who simply find something to hate about everything they encounter.

What about you is perfect? Stop complaining about superfluous *** and get yourself a life.


I've never heard of that before. Employees are trained to watch for "strange behavior" as you put it. So you were acting strangely? That's how I understood it. when I read it.

Be that as it may, it doesn't automatically make someone a shoplifter if they are acting weird. They need to have the visual proof of the shoplifting. At least in my own opinion.

I never had a problem with their brands of foods. Some I thought were better than name brands.

I shopped there less once I became an employee at P&C. Not saying they are any better, I just had a pitiful discount. They are a little bit cheaper as well and carry other products Wegman's doesn't.

Lena, Illinois, United States #15285
I would rather not say on a website. Please email me. :sigh
to Sheerah Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, United States #954421

Sorry, I have posted the store name. It is Wegmans in DeWitt NY.

Phone: (315) 446-1180.

Not only did they try to frame me for shoplifting on July 1, 2007, but they made several anonymous, silent, harassing phone calls to my home in Fall 2007. Thank God for caller ID.

Rockwell City, Iowa, United States #15218

what store was this at?

to Ihatewegmans Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, United States #954426

It was Wegmans in DeWitt NY. Phone: (315) 446-1180.

Then, though I never returned as a customer after they tried to frame me on July 1, 2007, they made several silent, anonymous phone calls to my home in Fall 2007. I hate them too.

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