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I don't know about the Wegmans where you live, but in Geneva, NY Wegmans has a habit of replacing brands that sell well with cheaper substitutes of their own brand name. I'm on to your little scheme Wegmans!

I used to be able to get a nice Organic brand of White vinegar called Spectrum Naturals, but now that vinegar has been completely supplanted by the Wegmans brand which is more acidic and not organic. Jerks. If you want to be a Wegmans "zombie" that's your business, but I'm not spending money on their cheap substitutes.

I'll buy what I like!

Monetary Loss: $4.

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What is really going on here? You're all *** if you ask me. But Wegman's does like to monoplize

Crofton, Maryland, United States #853878

Wegmans brand are not "cheap" substitutes. They are a good value for the money.

I don't enjoy all of their store brands but a good amount and find nothing wrong with saving some money.

Yes it can be an inconvenience when I can't find my name brand but I'm not afraid to try Wegmans brands because there is 100% money guarantee no questions asked so I'm not out if I don't like it. Over all I had no complaints shopping, if you do go somewhere else.


Maybe I should tell the Wegmans near me to take CNN off of their TV. Get a life.

So what if you are exposed to Fox News for the 15 mins you are eating in their seating area.

The individual stores make the choice to show whatever on the tv.

I agree, the Wegmans brand is very good and the pricing is reasonable. Take the savings and run with it.

:) wegmans, I DONT appreciate having Right wing propaganda thrown in my face when im trying to eat my dinner. If you dont remove Fox news from your dining area, I will no longer shop in your store!
to Arthur Corning, New York, United States #1349755

Oh My Goodness! This is "AMERICA"!

Free to be,,, You & Me! We are supposed to be accepting of each other. Not, to have to worry about "Offending", or having to have "Tolerance"! What is wrong with all of you people anymore?

Is it that you just have to have an excuse to be jack-***? Do you go through your lives deliberately looking for reason's to ***? Grow up! We are a melting pot of diversity and of differences.

We are who we are, because of our differences, and not despite of them! When will you all learn how to have compassion and empathy, for one another.

Instead of trying to create Friction, by looking to closely for the FLAWS? If you don't want to watch or listen to FOX news, then ask them to change the channel, or go sit in your car Arthur!


its a business. if something just sits on a shelf and collects dust then company will replace it with something that will sell. im sure they appreciate your business but its tough to sell everyones favorite item.


akk of wegmans brand *** is mad by big manufacturers, take the price break and be happy with it. christ


I love Wegmans and wish we had one where I live now. If things don't sell they don't sell .. It doesn't make them commies , but it does make you look a little disturbed.

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