for years you have had the wegmans tangy marinade which is the best on the grill for steakes and the best on kabobs on the grill.I dont know who desided to discontinue it but my oppinion was a bad move withthe grilling season coming.If you are not going to carry it any more,can you give me the name of the company who makes it so i can buy it from them. this is a very good product and i think you should bring it back.its not offen i complain but when you have something this good.don basile@moonshiner@netzero.com

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Rochester, New York, United States #714824

I complained and got an email from Wegmans saying their supplier (not sure who that is) stopped making it. There are some websites that list the ingredients, but it just lists "spices" and doesn't specifically say what kind of spices...

Syracuse, New York, United States #708511

We would like the TANGY back as well!

Rochester, New York, United States #707082

I agree! Wegmans, please please bring back the Tangy marinade or let us know where to get it or how to make it.

I used this marinade at least once a week, for many things. I am so upset that I can't get it anymore.

Please please bring it back.

Cathy List

Rochester, NY (Greece Mt. Read store)

Rochester, New York, United States #705498

I also complained. It was my family's favorite.

Now I don't know what to use. I can't find a recipe to even compare to it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rochester, New York, United States #674633

Where did Santa Fe marinade go at Wegmans?

What a shame.

It was the best! I hope I can find a recipe for it or, even hopefully you will get enough complaints, that you would put it back on the shelves.

Rochester, New York, United States #674128

Wegmans, why oh why did you discontinue you Southwest Marinade? It was the best on chicken, pork and steaks!

Please, please bring it back. There is nothing to compare it to.

Rochester, New York, United States #671462

I was extremely upset (and still am) that they discontinued the Wegmans Tangy Dressing. Really?

With so many other flavors our there, why this one? I know so many people who are upset by this discontinuation of the Tangy marinade.....please at least consider bringing it back for the summer months....

Rochester, New York, United States #668680

I also know quite a few people upset with Wegmans tangy marinade being discontinued. Great for grilling season. I have a bottle left and was offered $10.00 for it.

Syracuse, New York, United States #659993

I bought this marinade for the first time last month, looking for something similar to Lupo's Southwest or Buffalo marinade. I was amazed at this marninade!

My family and friends LOVED it too.

Except when we all made trips to Wegman's to buy it, it was gone! Please bring it back.

Buffalo, New York, United States #655491

I used the tangy marinade at least once a week on chicken, pork and shrimp. My family loves it.

I thought Wegmans was just out of it until I inquired at the service desk to find out it was discontinued. I was a bit peeved that they never posted on the shelves a courtesy note that it was going to be discontinued. I would have stocked up on it. I got a lot of people at work using this as well, and they too were angry to hear the news.

Not sure why they did it, as in my store in Buffalo, it always seemed like the one that sold out first. Would love to see it brought back.

I see the new marinades, and I know I won't buy them, not my taste. Bad call Wegman's on your part.

Wellsboro, Pennsylvania, United States #654856

I also have been looking for the Tangy Marinade-it is the best of your marinades and now I can't find it-not happy!!!Please bring it back-I love it with chicken, pork or beef. I've tried some of your other ones, but none compare to it! :cry

Rochester, New York, United States #650624

Hello, We have shared your comment and have processed this through as a product request for the Wegmans Tangy Marinade. Thanks for your interest.


I agree! This was a staple in our house and we used it all year around. Who can we right to see where we can buy it from?

Rochester, New York, United States #645554

I was at Calkins Red and couldn't find it nor was there a spot on the shelf for it.

I used it all the time on the grill.

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