Fillmore, New York
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bought sushi on Sunday night. Asked for a side of eel sauce and was told it has been discontinued because of it containing gluten.I don't understand why it has been removed because a small portion of the population doesn't eat gluten and make the rest of us have to suffer for it. If its due to a food allergy, then you might as well take peanuts off the market in the shelves could at least continue to offer it on the side like you always have in the past.

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Gluten is the hammer of the devil! It is the ladder of the beast.

Don't you understand? What is the question here? You are being saved! Your soul is safe from eternal damnation.

Get down on your hands and knees, bow to the machine. Pay tribute 2x week. Buy a California roll. Try the spicy coconut shrimp roll.

Get some extra low sodium soy sauce. Slather wasabi all over your meal. Mash it up with your chopsticks. Be grateful for once in your life.

We are only looking out for you. It's the divine truth.

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