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Bring back the tea shop, the cafe, the menu at the sushi bar. It's no longer fun to go to Wegmans. Bring back the perks that made you guys so different. You've lost your wow factor.

About moving things around.....nothing makes my experience more aggravating then I can't fine anything. I've done my homework, I know were things are not change things around! people like consistency. It's like an old friend.

Some days I would have lunch first then shop, other days I would stop and have a cup of tea. I would bring out of town guest for show and tell! Grocery shopping was an experience. For the first time it was fun. When my husband and I would go away for the winter I couldn't wait to get home to my Wegmans. I guess the honeymoon is over.. Your like any other super-sized grocery store.

Very Disappointed

In Woodbridge

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Agreed 100%.

Rochester, New York, United States #936672

If people aren't buying things from the Tea Shop or certain things from the Market Cafe or Sushi Bar, guess what? Any smart business will get rid of those things.

No business is going to keep things that don't do well at a specific location.

Heck, 1 local supermarket chain (competitor to Wegmans in Rochester, NY) just eliminated 27 in-store pharmacies because those 27 were contributing less than 20% of the overall sales and not filling enough prescriptions. Did it irritate people? Yes. Was it the smart decision to cut their losses and use the space to sell other things?

Absolutely yes.

Also, all stores (including Wegmans) change where items are on a fairly regular basis.

This is to force people to look through the entire store and make all of us spend more money. It's a normal thing in retail.

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