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On Saturday, November, 19, only one cashier open 35 minutes before closing at the new Northboro, MA store. The supervisor informed me that's all I should expect since they were closing in 35 minutes.

There were 2 large orders in front of me and other shoppers still in the store. They boast about their service, but I've never experienced a supermarket that could care less about allowing their customers to check out in a reasonable amount of time.

I just left my cart and walked out. If your time is worth anything, the savings at Wegmans are not worth the wait.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wegmans Cashier.

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Northborough, Massachusetts, United States #731626

I find this hard to believe. IF this occurred, it certainly didn't happen more than once.

I live right by this store & shop there at least every other day- at various times of day. Not only have I never had more than one customer in line in front of me, I have never been more impressed by the number of cashiers available. They even have someone in front to direct you to the shortest available line.

They are leaps and bounds above every other store in the area in this department.

I can think of a few things to complain about when it comes to this store- but this just isn't one of them!

Rochester, New York, United States #706199

Wegmans doesn't give a **** about customer service, and that's the truth; I wish New York State and others locations tell this ***-artist company to go away


Why aren't you pissed at the 2 large orders ahead of you? You should have spoken up at the time and asked why they were there so late, apparently doing their weekly shopping at an inconvenient time...


No, intelligent shopper, I did not expect 20 registers to be open, just one more, or 2 in all, to help get the customers out of the store so they could close in time, and prevent the customers from waiting half an hour to exit. I've seen many stores provide that type of good customer service when the line gets long, but not Wegman's which is why I posted here, so that intelligent consumers can weigh the pros and cons of shopping there. Obviously your response to my closing comment is that your time is not worth much, so the savings justify that half hour in your case.

Gramling, South Carolina, United States #446131

I guess you expected there to be an entire team of people just waiting to take care of your every need...when you enter a store just before closing you should not expect 20 registers to be open. Also, how is that poor customer service?

Didn't you learn in kindergarten that sometimes you have to wait in line.

Just so you know, stores schedule around the average amount of business..they do not have a crystal ball to tell them that a few large orders might come in at the same time. You truly have no intelligence if you had to complain to a manager and then to this site because you had to wait in a line.


your an ***

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