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it is really a *** shame that you cant offer a hug to a wegmans employee,if you do,you wont be allowed to go there ever what comes to mind is if there was a robbery attempt,or the store caught on fire, or one of the employees was suicidial and wanted only a certain person to talk to.thats is the really sad fact that i am also told the store looses at least 75% of its employees on a regular basis. i am also seeing the day where one of the store personel, turn and go postal on the boss or somebody else. they will eventually bring that store to wind up closing

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You are a ***.If the store caught on fire, are you saying someone would need a hug?

If someone was suicidal, do you really think that they would talk to a customer?

Are you serious?

God ***.


Go get a stuffed toy and hug that. You have no business intruding on another person's personal space.


I am glad you were banned; I wouldn't want you offering me a hug.

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Unless you are very close with the employee in the outside world you shouldn't be touching them. If my teenage daughter told me that an overly friendly customer that we didn't otherwise know hugged her I'd be down speaking to the store manager pretty quick. I worked as a cashier myself back when I was a teenager and while customers eyed the pretty cashiers, if one had made a move there would have been trouble (excluding the employees touching each other in the back room when no one was looking but that's another matter).


If anyone were going to go postal, it'd be the people working in call centers. Those are the mofos you gotta look out for


You sound like a creeper. Bet you tried to "hug" one of the more attractive 18 year olds...

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