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My husband (76) and I (68) seem to be having trouble picking up 2 different scripts we've been on for many years. I want to say both are controlled, I understand that part.

For some time now my prescription only seems to be getting the best of one pharmacist at the Harry L Drive store in NY. It started when a certain female began working there at night. This prescription comes in 2 strengths, a 20 mg and another of same but in a 5 mg. Before she started there, I was always able to pick both up on the same day, such as 5th or whatever.

She also seems to have trouble understanding some months have 31 days. Usually I could pick them up the day I took the last of script. Now she is staggering them to pick up 1 one day, but refuses to give the other until the next day. As I've said, my husband and I are senior citizens and getting out to drive 40 miles to Wegmans is hard enough for us, much less being forced to take the same trip again the very next day, or go w/o.

One time on a 31 day month she refused to give me my meds for 2 days because she obviously didn't know it was a 31 day mo9nth. I had to go w/o for 2 days. It's not like I'm trying to get away with something. I don't understand where this is coming from.

Last month I picked up the 20mg tablets on the 5th and had to come back the next day to get the 5mg. The month before, I was able to pick them up on the same day. ?? Obviously she didn't fill them.

So this month I called to see if they were called in... yes, I could pick up the 5mg on the 5th but couldn't pick up the 20mg till the 6th??? Also my husbands and my other prescriptions were called in and where we have always picked them up at the same time, this time he was told mine were ready for pick up but he had to come back the next day for his??? When he got there he was informed they didn't have enough to fill it and had to wait 2 more days for them to come in.

It's not like we live right around the block. We have to drive 40 miles each way to get there. I can't help but think this one female is just jerking us around, unless there is some reason that we don't understand. There's nothing consistent about when we can get our meds.

It's just added stress neither of us need.

Like I said I understand the point of the scripts being controlled but this is like a vendetta. We are changing pharmacies, which is a shame because we have shopped there and got our meds there for well over 20 years.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wegmans Prescription Refill.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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