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Wegmans will fire you if you say anything negative about them. They keep everything wrong hush- hush.

And than they pay you to keep quiet about their stores. They have very good attorneys. We laugh when they are again name employer of the year. This is a joke in Rochester where they started.

Employess are not allowed to talk to other employees about anything wrong with Wegmans because they will get fired if overheard. And once you make your 10 years they will find a way to fire you And their products!. Try purchasing a can of their chicken noodle. All broth and 1 noodle.

Poor quality items with their names on it. They have gotten rid of most of the famous brands. And never buy their noodles.

They get gummy.

Alex Baldwin should talk to the people in Rochester before endorsing them.

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Wegmans was a great company when Bob was running it. Then the restaurant lies began and even Dad was lied to about how much Tastings cost.

Then Bob passed and Amore was the next lie to Danny himself. Cost were shifted from the restaurant to the new East Ave store so Stency and Danny wouldn't have a bird the the restaurant was way over Budget.

New York, New York, United States #874649

I love their chicken noodle soup. So many noodles. Its clear you are a silly person.

to Seandre the giant #1134842

I have to agree, probably got fired for something, that is their fault and is making up nonsense.

Rochester, New York, United States #823889

I am a young one as you guys may call it 20 yrs. You say that the old ones are busting there *** while kids are not.

I been working in prepared food and i can tell you its been completely horrible. We have a few ladies who have worked in the store for 10 years and get almost 20$/h doing morning shift. If you ever do morning shift its so *** easy like no customers and all quiet plus plenty of help. While i am trying to hard to stay calm when they schedule 2 people to close a department when theres supposed to be 4 people.

I asked for full time but at least in my store no one young below 35 seems to get full time.

I am like by many of the full timers but the managers figure why should they hire me when they over work me and save a lot of money! Wegman's is a company that cares about the customers and thier money they could give 2 shets about the employees!

to Dude #1268756

Dude, I work for them now and what you say is 100% correct there I is also a lot of favoritism, indirect discrimination and other things going on and they hide under that multi million dollar PR campaign they have. A lot of darkness needs be brought to light and the people responsible held truely accountable!!

Rochester, New York, United States #801684

Worked there for 20yrs before leaving several years ago. Had an opportunity to work under Bob and Danny Wegman.

Philosophy is very different going from Bob who said - take care of your employees who will then take care of your customers to Danny who believes you are replaceable at any time esp. once you hit 20yrs in. Good salary and benefits go for naught when you are told to start figuring out how to move good employees that "cost too much" out the door so we can replace them with Danny's 25yr old party buddies.

When I realized I suddenly fit the "costly" employee with 20yrs in description I realized it was time to go.

Kissimmee, Florida, United States #751629
This sound like the same way they run the publix supermarket, They do not care about there employees, the owner past away, and it is going down hill. :? :eek
Rochester, New York, United States #751362

I've worked here three years, and no, I have never been paid off for anything. Nor, have I been fired for complaining.

However in a world where everything is vented online, I can see the company being upset with you when you choose to share your bad day at work with your friends before discussing it with management. Its not fair to a company, or your bosses when you fry them online or publicly without giving them the chance to fix the problem in store first. And, from a regular gal who was unemployed for three years, cleaning toilets with a college degree, I'm happy Wegmans gave me the chance.

I am part time but pay next to nothing for health care, get regular raises and have always been treated with respect.

to Anonymous Rochester, New York, United States #768642

just watch who you talk to there they'll stab you in the back and watch who your friends with

New York, New York, United States #741241

I have worked at wegmans for a few years... And it has been a complete waste of my time.

Unless you are kissing *** you go nowhere. If you have a problem they think you are the problem. I have been coerced into signing warnings about stuff I haven't done or mistakes that I made that other people were not even getting talked to for. They sell this "everyone has an opportunity" thing very well, but unless you are a favorite you can only depend on one thing...

That you only get what they want to give you, and nothing more.

Once you are labeled otherwise its impossible to move.

I would give specific examples if I was not still working for them, but that would probably reveal who I am and they would fire me.

to Anonymous #768645


to Anonymous #1166578

This is old, but true. A few times I have been given written warnings/punishments for things I never did.

At least I'm not the only one. I think some of it is that managers are not on the same page and tend to make up their own rules.

Rochester, New York, United States #706203

*Wegmans will fire you if you say anything negative about them.They keep everything wrong hush- hush.*

You forgot to mentioned, they will banished "you" from their stores, for the same reasons...

Rochester, New York, United States #693737

Currently in prepared foods and I don't even know how I made it a year at this company. The hours are horrible and they constantly hire new people and cut the hours of employees who've been there even more.

The amount of pay made for what I do is ridiculous. I'm constantly getting task that the chefs are supposed to do. Like really, I don;t get there pay. One short 10 minute break for those who work under 6 hours.

The environment is really depressing and horrible. I don't understand how the still are in the top companies to work for/good to employees. Now they even denied me to take time off to go on a vacation with my family... LIKE REALLY my own family (might I mention my moms ill and I have a brother in the army).

I absolutely hate working for this company.. Seriously go ahead and fire me for my opinion on a s***y company, cuz the last I checked this is America and I do have a freedom of speech!

to K.M Rochester, New York, United States #743094

Umm...actually labor law says an employer does not have to give you a break at all unless you work OVER 6 hours. So them giving you a break at all when they don't have to is kinda nice.

to redjcket #768647

state law every 4 hours

to Anonymous #776788

That's incorrect. There are no laws regarding required break periods, other than the additional meal requirement in NYS. Only meal periods are regulated by law.

to K.M #888457

Why do people think "Freedom of speech" allows them to say whatever they want??

Freedom of speech doesn't mean you get to say whatever you want without repercussions. It means you can say whatever you want, but must accept any repercussions - in this case, including loss of job.

For instance, I can't tell my boss to "f*** off" and then say "Hey, freedom of speech!" when I rightly get fired.


They are not really that great of a company. Lots of favortism and kissing up.

to no name Rochester, New York, United States #681168

You got that right on favortisim and it's all with the younger ones that wanna kiss *** to get ahead and the older ones that are there every day busting butt are the ones they get rid of cause they only listen to the ones that kiss up and lie. THE COMPANY is great it's the people (kids) that kiss up are the ones they should get rid of cause they lie to keep their jobs and they think the customers are always right but in a lot of cases that's NOT TRUE

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