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Very poor customer service- I have been shopping at Ocean Wegmans since it opened. The past 2 times when checking out the cashiers were arrogant and obnoxious.

One dropped my food on the floor and took his time picking it up, even though I asked him to get my food off the floor. Response was "it's packaged, no big deal". Today I was paying and asked the cashier which button to proceed if paying by credit, his response, "green is universal for go, everyone knows that!". Hey Wegmans, Excuse me for having a bad day and asking a "***" question!

These cashiers are teens who exercise no professionalism or respect to regular paying customers whatsoever. Management must have changed here because when it first opened and hired all the local teens, management required them to work professionally and to be helpful to customers.

Management and customer service at the Ocean, NJ Wegmans is horrible! I will go back to Shoprite where they appreciate their paying customers.

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Birds Landing, California, United States #1122983

I have worked as a cashier at ocean for over 8 years. The customers on the most part are very pleasant.

Aside from the notorious "summer" crowd that blows in every year... I ,myself,have had many difficult customers. Customer service in this store is and always will be far above and beyond most retail operations. All of the employees here are well trained, educated and boast high morals.

All of my co- workers are truly amazing-kind hearted individuals.THAT is why we are consistently one of the top ten companies to work for! AND I might note too that the hiring process for ANY position at wegmans is long and vigorous... Another words they just don't hire anyone! If you had a bad experience...

What a pity. Understand what I have to deal with when you come through my line with bad manners... A sour puss on your mug...and usually a phone stuck to your face. I am most obliging to....your ridiculous belly aches about how you can't maneuver in the store now with the recent changes...my bagging skills are not to your liking...

I cant read your mind on how to tally your transaction if you don't have the intelligence to push a simple green button...and finally whatever happened to the saying if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all!? A very wise statement?

Treat others as you would want to be treated....life is waaaaay to short to harp about silly things such as not getting your way after an unwarranted temper tantrum! Enjoy the wegmans experience on the whole!!

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