We have a new Wegman's coming to the Boston area. There has been buzz about it's opening.

I was planning to check it out. BUT.... I just received the Wegmans Food Market's 22 page brochure/ad in the mail. They didn't even try to make it look diverse...

there are absolute no people of color in the entire brochure. Isn't that marketing 101? This is such a disappointment but a clear indication to me that they are marketing to white people. I will not be shopping there.

I still prefer Whole Foods, at least they try and I think customer service rocks!

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I think all you are missing the point. There a billions of dollars spent on the brochure.

And no one thought to stick an Asian or Indian on that ad? Why? It's easy to sit there and say color doesn't matter when on *** near every single ad is a white person. I think she has a good point in wanting wegans to have diversity not just in the store for the shoppers.

But the potential shoppers should be able to that as well... I mean a better example is walmart the ads are extremely diverse. I'm not gonna let all u ppl gang up on one person. Especially if they r right.

It's not about black n white. It about representing a diverse business. ....

Smh. U guys are very simple.

to Anonymous #977722

I doubt Wegmans spends billions of $$$ on their brochures. But, I would like to see a same sex couple represented.

I also think they should include different religious groups, wearing traditional religious attire. That way more people will feel like they are good enough to shop at Wegmans.

I'm not trying to knock the company, as I believe they try just as hard as anyone else to be inclusive. Still, I don't understand way it is always someone who is black that gets so upset at this stuff.


Nah man, Wegmans is for real. The real deal ya'll!

They bend over backwards to cater to people of all races and backgrounds. But I would like to see a soul food section in the cafe. They do have a "home style" bar, but they should call it a soul food bar! *** ya, it is some good grub over there.

Danny W must have spent some time down south. I love my Wegmans store!!

Rochester, New York, United States #904666

Ya day always fall'n me around the store when I shopping! Ain't no reason for tdat.

I always pay fore my purchez. I do dthere cause my dady werks their. Only time I git to sea hims. Y aint they put a wegman in my neighborhoddd!

Theydont car abut uzzzzzz! They du hav goode garlac zaltt dtho

to Maelic #1154386

You need to learn how to read. I mean do you like being illiterate?

Your opinion means nothing if you can't even properly transcribe it for people to understand.

I know this graders with higher reading comprehension than you.

Macedon, New York, United States #902395


Wegman's is the only supermarket I have ever been in that has a large variety of international products.

Thousands of products from/for different cultures.

Clearly you have a race issue which is shown by that being the only thing you brought from a food brochure, how about the actual products in the brochure? try looking at the product before jumping to conclusions.

East Aurora, New York, United States #893013

Your being ridiculous. Because no people of color are in the brochure means nothing, honest to god am so sick of hearing all this race ***, you realize by making it an issue that your race isn't represented YOU are being raciest by simply acknowledging color as a divider. PEOPLE are represented in the brochure, not WHITE PEOPLE, its all the people who argue others are raciest that will be the reason racism never dies.


YOU ARE A COMPLETE *** to make a judgement on such a well respected and incredibly over the top company by an ad. What in the world is wrong with you?

Who cares about the color of someone's skin......apparently ONLY YOU!

You should be ashamed of yourself for even posting such a comment in the first place. Do Wegmans a favor and never shop there, you ***!


i work for wegmans and believe me there is no discrimination....we don't cater to white people...we cater to ALL people....

to Anonymous #1377985

i work for them too and let me tell you..... you must be in one of the better stores cause where i work has some serious errors.


This is the problem with our country. You are accusing a company of racism based on your perception of an ad you glanced at.

If your mind is constantly thinking about race maybe your the one with diversity issues.


I don't notice things like peoples' skin color when I look at marketing ads. But , that is probably because I am not a racist.


Not true.


People are amazing. This company is one of the finest in the entire country from employment,...

to service,... to community involvement,... to local market grown products,.....

and you make a snap judgment on the brochure and "paint" them racist!? I guess as long as we have human beings, we have those who "don't think to good".

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