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Our group used to come into the second floor cafe to play dominos. We always purchased food.

We too were ordered out, this happened Nov,Dec 2010 & we still don't know why. They allow homeless people to sit in there all day long! I think it was a male employee on the second floor that was simply overstepping his authority, but the store managers backed this overzealous employee up, without first investigating. It is okay with us.

We now sit in a church and a senior center, and we donate $400/month to where ever we happen to sit to play our games. It is okay if Wegmans does not want our money. I think they need to hire better managers, preferably ones who do not toss out paying customers. It is very upsetting to know that the Hunt Valley Managers allow homeless people to sit and sleep in that cafe for hours and hours, but toss out six old ladies who come to play poker and we do not loiter, we were paying customers.

So, I know how that young woman must have felt.

If she reads this, from all of us, You are Better Off My Dear, Give Your Business To A Store/Cafe Who Will Not Toss You Out For No Reason. I almost have to wonder if we were harassed because we are Jewish.

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Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, United States #954407

No, you wouldn't be harassed because you are Jewish. The Wegmans family is Jewish. Maybe because you were old & female & they didn't think you were spending money there.


Gambler's anonymous. google it grandma.


Sorry, but the cafe is not intended for what these ladies were doing. In fact, Wegmans has signs in the cafe stating that it is for people dining in and not intended for meeting, study groups, etc. Wegmans had every right to kick them out since the tables were not being used as intended. The cafe is not somewhere to meet for several hours. It's basically to eat your food and then move on to shopping or leaving the store in a reasonable amount of time.

To the other commenter stating that Wegmans doesn't know how to run dine-in services, check out Giant or Safeway and tell me if they do it better. That's what I thought.

Finally, I doubt that homeless people would sit in the cafe all day long. I have 11 different Wegmans stores where I live, all with the cafe. I have never seen homeless people in there at any time.

steven sense

My restaurant had a group of ladies that would come in to play cards after eating. I asked them to leave also. While it may seem like a situation where it would be ok let me review a few things.

The main problem with this is actually explained in the customers last sentence. "I almost have to wonder if we were harassed because we are Jewish." Once these games are allowed to continue, now any group would have to be allowed to stay or risk being sued and labeled as racist or bigoted in some other way towards groups denied the same consideration as these ladies.

The second thing to consider: are they getting drink refills while the game is played? Generally, drinks are given free refills that only last until your meal is finished and not the several hours after that to keep you refreshed while playing games.

The final consideration is the time the tables are being taken when not using the restaurant as intended. I know when friends get together to play cards it generally lasts hours. Not the amount of time the average restaurant expects you to be taking up a table. Whether other customers are waiting or the place is nearly empty, workers need to prepare for the rest of the day or evening and that is being interfered with.

Please next time you want to complain, think if you have been wronged or are just mad that you didn't get your way.


Wegmans does not know how to run dine-in services. They are a supermarket, with a supermarket mentality- and don't know anything about professionalism, hospitality.

Their 2nd floor eating areas, coffee shops, pizza shops.

They regularly make these types of mistakes and prove they can not manage this type of business. If everbody stopped using their 2nd tier dine in services the world would be a better place.

Kholargos, Attica, Greece #306430

WTF are you talking about? First it is dominos' then poker! Sounds like you have some issues with Alzimers lady, need to stay at home until you get your utterly *** complaint straight!

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