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We the customers still have NO choice/voice re the thickness of how we want bread sliced... Now the story is they have their new slicer and it can ONLY cut bread 1/2-inch thick!!

I believe this is just another of their multiple scams to cheat the customer. Thicker slices means more money for them, at #3.00 a loaf.

Original review posted by user Mar 22, 2012

Went to the Bakery Dept. to find out why they SUDDENLY started pre-slicing ALL their marble rye bread in 3/4" slices.

Previously it had been about 3/8" which I personally preferred. I was told the 'big boss' had ordered the change. I asked why we, the customers, aren't even being given an option to have bread sliced to our preference and again was told the 'boss' had decreed this policy to the employees.

So here we are - ?customers are always right?????

and we cannot have bread sliced to our preference!!!

Customer choice and/or service be DAMNED is Wegmans operations model. And don't even get me started about all their store brand garbage!

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Not for nothing, but when supplier costs rise, so do consumer prices...that's just how it is.

to Anonymous #717136

Did you actually read my comment/explanation of May 15, 2012? I fully understand the law of supply and demand which is your point.

But do you understand when you get less quantity of something for the SAME price you are paying more? Look at your cookie/cracker/cake mix/cereal packaging for example.

You no longer get a full pound of cookies or crackers for the same price you've been paying over the years.I can't tell you how many folks that are bakers who are complaining about the changes in cake mix packaging.


Getting fewer slices per loaf, thus having to purchase bread more frequently costs me/us the customer more money. In case you haven't noticed, we are paying the same prices for many products we have purchased for years.

BUT we are getting less and less - i.e. remember 48oz. bags of coffee? the last I noticed they were down to 36oz.

(quite some time ago)for the same or higher prices.

That is just one small example. Thus we are now supporting a local not-for profit that buys their various types of beans and roasts their own coffee.


How does the thickness of your bread cost you more money???

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