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Wegmans in Corning never remove out of date products. I have found food items over a year out of date on shelves and this happens many times each year.

Check the date on everything, as they do not rotate "out of date" food they just let the customer do that or get sick eating it! I have found butter, bread, cookies, milk, cheese, eggs all beyond "sell by date" and some with mold growing on them - just awful!

The FDA should investigate these people and hold them accountable. The prices they charge are not worth it for this level of service.

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Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, United States #954390

They should be thoroughly investigated by the FDA, the Justice Dept & the Attorney Generals offices of every state they are in. Top to bottom.


I regularly shop at the corning wegmans, and I have never seen anything out of the ordinary. i'm a germaphobe as some would say, and i check everything.

is it possible you are forgetting what year or month we are in?

Right now, this is december. 2012.

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