I went to Wegmans in Lancaster because it was the closest grocery store. The clerk asked me for my "shoppers card", apparently the way Wegmans gives discounts.

I don't live in the area and don't have a card. I don't want a card. The clerk could not believe I didn't have a card, turned on a flashing light to signal a woman to come give me a card - that woman couldn't believe I didn't want one.

Why not just charge what the stuff is worth, not over-charge and give a discount if someone has a card? ***.

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Every store pretty much has these cards. They are for the benefit of you, the customer.

Not just for discounts. They use it for when recalls occur and can contact you if you have purchased a contaminated product. Now here is where everyone says, well thats Wegmans for you...selling contaminated produts.

Get real people, they are not the KGB, and they are not stealing your identity. If you cant handle the thought of a discount card, just buy a farm and live off the land.


Totally agree. Safe the planet, stop the junk, and just lower the prices.

Also, the "plastics" are an invasion of our privacy. Simplify, simplify, simplify because the seconds of all of our lives are ticking away!


the card is free and it takes less than 5 minutes to get one. sheesh

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #219865

I am not walgreens employee, hoever it is obvious that all this is a lie and you were fired from Walgreens and are trying to shut them down. Are you really sixty seven or did you mean six or seven because only a child would assume because somoene did not agree with them and side with the company they work for the company.

It is obviously you were fired from Walgreens. Only a six or seven year old would throw a temper tantrum because they were told to follow the rules.


None of the stores will let you share other people's shopper cards because they can be used for check cashing. If you make a fraud purchase in someone else's name, it's the other person that pays in more ways than one.


rest assured the prices are jacked up regardless of "the card", danny and colleen have a new ferrari to buy this summer after all.

to the employee Chantilly, Virginia, United States #696487

Actually, several items are sold at a loss. It really depends on what you buy.


Wegmans did the same to me in New York. We were visiting our daughter and grandkids.

Tasha, it obvious you are a Wegmans employee. The same thing happened to us in New York. We filled up a cart (Thanksgiving). They wanted to charge full price and I didn't want a card.

I asked the customer behind me if I could use their card so they could get the credit for purchases and we would get the discount.

Store would not allow that, they insisted we get a card. This was easy we left the the cart half full with the rest on the counter.

to Walt age 67 Rochester, New York, United States #681323

I got fired for letting people use my card if they didn't have one but it takes 10 min for a front end person to come to the register if you push your page button and most of the time their just standing there talking Danny should really go to some of these stores as a under cover BOSS to see what really go's on I could write a book.I LOVED MY JOB BECAUSE OF THE CUSTOMERS AND BECAUSE DANNY WAS NICE ENOUGH TO HIRE ME IN A WHEELCHAIR I was there every day no matter what but because I didn't follow the rules that they keep changing I was fired BECAUSE I LET PEOPLE USE MY CARDSO sorry Penfield N.Y. CUSTOMERS I'LL MISS YOU ALL YOU ARE THE BEST !!!! YOU GAVE ME THE STRENGTH TO KEEP WORKING YOU ARE THE BEST NOW I'LL HAVE TO DO WELFARE SINCE THEY WON'T GIVE ME UNEMPLOYMMENT

to FIRED IN PENFIED N.Y. Rochester, New York, United States #706207

Sorry! This company needs to have a huge reality check; you should get a lawyer to see this cockroach company for illegal activities

to Walt age 67 #847491

Thank you they don't need my personal information just let me purchase their products HAPPY THANKSGIVING

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #176263

You are obviously very young so I am going to explain this as simple as possible. They charge you REGULAR price without the card, and reduce the price, sell it for less than what the stuff is worth if you have the card.

I know that you did not want the card because you probably needed to ask your parents permission first. However this is what happens when you shop without an adult to give permission.

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