I have tried several times over the past three years to put in a application with wegmans and every time I get a bunch of *** that makes it hard and very long tofill out my application so I give up just want to fill out a job app. not talk or read about about diff erent schools or training programs I never get to do the application or give my imformation these job sites take me all over and never to the app I talked with other people who also gave up maybe they should go back to papper applications and things could be easer for both sides

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Jedi is right. If you're not able or too lazy to fill out the application, they really aren't going to waste their time with you.

Clearly you'd be a liability. Look it up in the dictionary, kid.


Paper applications or regular applications it does not matter, you would not get the job anyway with your spelling and grammar. Also they want to hire people who can fill out an application online. Why should they lower their standards just for you to get a job.

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