I shopped at Wegman's and spent $110.00 on my food order.I thought it was excessive.

As I was going out the door I noticed a charge for some items on my sales slip. I did not know this was the price so I took the package back to the store to return while my husband took the rest of the groceries to the car. When I went to the service counter to return, the woman asked me if I had walked out of the store with my cart of groceries. I told her yes and she said I could not return the items because I walked out of the store with the groceries.

I told her the sales slip shows I just purchased them and she said they don't care about that. Because I walked out of the store, the items were not returnable. I have never heard of a policy like this in any store in my entire life. I will never shop at that store again.

Not only because of the policy, but because she was so rude and obnoxious.

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Just dispute the extra charges with your credit card company as you have already asked Wegmans kindly.

Brockport, New York, United States #1037294

Yes, I found that out...u can't even get the manager ... he's a blohardoo!


It probably was perishable items!

Rochester, New York, United States #796909

So what store was it ?


That is not a Wegman's company policy, I would write to corporate, they can sort it out for you.

Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania, United States #736398

My daughter and I spent over 2 hours shopping in the Wilkes Barre store.Between us we spent over $200.

My granddaughter (4 years old) spent the entire time being cared for in a playroom with a Wegman's employee, who was as sweet as could be. My granddaughter loved her. The shopping experience was awesome, I was able to find lots of Gluten Free products that you can't find in other supermarkets.

Everyone in the store was helpful and courteous, I could not have asked for anything better.We both will be shopping here a lot more often.

to giannasnana589 #738746

They won't take back perishable items, although they usually do anyway, because once they leave the store you could do anything to that item.From as simple as not keeping it at the proper temperature to injecting something foreign into it.

No one wants to eat something that someone else has taken out of the store, and the store throws it away. Whole turkeys, hams, you name it.

Not only is it a waste, but I'm sure as customers we pay more for your waste.Choose what you buy wisely so it doesn't have to be returned.

to ***sumer Baltimore, Maryland, United States #809226

Exactly.I work in customer service and hundreds of dollars in perishable items are thrown out each week because customers purchased either the wrong item or over bought.

And when you explain that the items will need to be thrown out they don't care.It's such a waste.

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