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I am a (or let's say until recently) been a devoted shopper at Wegman's. However, over the past 6-8 months, I started noticing the produce was not like it usually has been.

I buy mainly organic and at the prices, I don't expect to bring it home and see mold laced in the middle section where I can't see it. Wegman's is great about taking stuff back so I drive back to the store and return - going into the produce section to replace it and looked very carefully to find about 8-10 cartons of grapes all moldy. Fast forward a few weeks and I buy raspberries. Same deal - brought home and mold.

Also bought bread - totally stale. I feel they built their reputation on good quality and unfortunately, their eye is off the ball now. Bought asparagus today - yuk. I am shopping around.

Cannot continue to throw my money away or make a lot of trips to return.

NOT WORTH IT. Good time for Trader Joe's or Whole Foods to arrive in town.

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Long Branch, New Jersey, United States #929218

LUCKILY... there will be a WholeFoods in our neighborhood in mid-2016!

I CANNOT wait.

Right now, I drive 30 miles to a Whole Foods to buy 3-5 pieces of organic produce. I'll spend an extra 30-50 cents for a bunch of green kale or cilantro, etc, but I know the organic produce at Whole Foods is almost ALWAYS in stock and almost always Fresh and no matter what time I go there.

Getting fresh AND stocked organic produce at Wegman's lately seems like an impossibility.

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