On Thursday, November 4, at 2:45 p.m., Wegmans Store Managers: Patrick & Rob, approached a single woman who was working on her laptop, sitting in the 2nd floor cafe, in a corner, at a two-top table, with one chair. She was sitting alone. She was not breaking any rules, nor any laws.

I strongly believe that these three little boy managers, who behaved like young children, are so un-wegman-like, and that because she was sitting alone, and is *** that this is the only reason they singled her out and harassed her, threw her out of the store, told her not to return, and threatened her with arrest for "vagrancy, solicitation and trespassing." They went out of their way to humiliate her in front of a group of witnesses, and I still do not know, nor do I understand, why this was allowed to take place, at this day and age, in Wegman's, in America. IT TURNED MY STOMACH AND I HOPE SHE SUES YOU ALL FOR THIS MOST HORRIFIC INCIDENT.

I myself witnessed this event; I was in the store, sitting not to far away, at a round table with two other ladies, and we still can't believe it. We were on the phone last night discussing it. OUTRAGEOUS!

My friends can't believe it, and I know that this young woman who was the victim of this unprovoked attack by these little boy managers, can not believe it.

These three managers were acting like Nazi's, descending on her, as if she was a criminal AND SHE WAS NOT. It was totally disgusting and I witnessed the entire scene, and I still don't believe what happened to an innocent and most likely no-longer-loyal customer.

This young woman was sitting in the corner, upstairs in the cafe, alone, tapping away on her computer. I know her. I have spoken to her. I am there myself several days, for several hours a week, tapping away on my own laptop. No matter how your managers try to spin this story, the truth is that they did not ask anyone else to leave, to not return, and to threaten arrest for trespassing. When I find this woman, I will advise her to go ahead and be taken to jail for trespassing, as this will be the news of the day. Your store is clearly not doing the business it had when it first opened. Sales are down. Do you want this negative publicity? I think that some picketer outside of your store would not be what The Daniel Wegman would want. I know of the Wegman and I think that I need to make a call to Rochester, to let them know what is going on at Hunt Valley. I met Robert Wegman a few years ago, and I have trust in the family's judgment. Elizabeth.Ridgely.md@gmail.com

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I find your use of the "little boy managers" term to be offensive and perhaps indicative of some sort of bias. The cafe is to be used for dining on the stores pre-fix food bar not by idlers looking for free wifi of a domino club, as mentioned in another comment.

What nerve some people have! They want to make private areas their own, others be damned.

Save your indignation for that. I'm sure you see yourself as some warrior of injustice, but perhaps you're just half cocked!



I read your comments about the Hunt Valley Wegmans incident. Am I to assume the **** means that the person was non-white or perhaps non-Christian?

I also assume that perhaps you and your friends are caucasian and/or non-Muslim. Maybe these labels do not belong to you. Either way, here are my thoughts.

Of course I condemn and deplore that this event happened. Though I understand it was shocking at the time, it is CRITICAL that each of us stand up (literally and in the moment) for people who are being harassed due to their race, religion, sexual orientation, etc.

To you and to anyone else reading this, PLEASE try to gather yourself if you see something happening and STEP IN to support the person being harassed.

When you do so:

You let the harassers know that 1) you stand with people they view as bad, dangerous, or different, 2) prejudicial behavior is not acceptable nor will it be tolerated, 3) their words and/or behavior can be challenged in public 4) they may be disciplined, arrested, or fired as a result of their actions, You let the victim know that 1) they are not alone, 2) the harassment they are experiencing is unjust and unacceptable to others, 3) there is hope for change This is not a suggestion that if you act you are a rescuer. Harassed people need support, not a savior. Also, please note that you do not want to inflame a situation that would create more danger for the victim or yourself.

Call the authorities if need be.

Ashburn, Virginia, United States #1201080

Wegmans has so gone down hill. Have had to go to other stores for popular products such as pillsbury frozen biscuits, bremner wafers and many more, replaced by wegmans inferior brands.


Management harasses employees too and nothing done. This is not a military state.

Danny Wegman needs to go undercover esp. in the Northern VA Fairfax Store!

to Anonymous #1599344

I have seen first hand the bully treatment of employees. They hire incompetent people to manage.

I think they are just friends of people. The labor dept should go under cover.


This is a persistent pattern of behavior for Wegmans. They set up cafes, free internet wi-fi to lure customers.

Then, getting angry that their lies work, they harass and physically intimidate people.Wegmans generally prove themselves to be bad corporate citizens who do not know the first thing about dine-in service. People: They are a Grocery Store- NOT A RESTAURANT! Do not believe their marketing hype. Go to a real restaurant or cafe if you want service.

Wegmans is unwilling to learn the business- and Everyday you get their best because their standards are way too low.

It takes their best even to be bad. They only give lip service that they care.

Banjar Taman, Bali, Indonesia #305198

Our ladies group used to come into the second floor cafe to play dominos and cards. We always purchased food and other items each and every time we stayed ($100 minimum).

We never left a mess and cleaned up after ourselves. We too were ordered out, this happened Nov and Dec 2010 and we still don't know why. We were paying customers! They allow homeless people to sit in there all day long!

I think it was a male employee on the second floor that was simply overstepping his authority, but the store managers backed this overzealous employee up, without first investigating. It is okay with us. We now sit in a church and a senior center, and we donate $400/month to where ever we happen to sit to play our games. It is okay if Wegmans does not want our money.

I think they need to hire better managers, preferably ones who do not toss out paying customers. It is very upsetting to know that the Hunt Valley Managers allow homeless people to sit and sleep in that cafe for hours and hours, but toss out six old ladies who come to play poker and we do not loiter, we were paying customers. So, I know how that young woman must have felt.

And if she reads this, from all of us, You are Better Off My Dear, Give Your Business To A Store/Cafe Who Will Not Toss You Out For No Reason. I almost have to wonder if we were harassed because we are Jewish.

Banjar Taman, Bali, Indonesia #304056

Last November, 2010, Wegmans Hunt Valley Managers: Rob and Patrick did take the unconfirmed word of an over-zealous 2nd floor cafe employee, (right before the visiting Chef Bobby Flay came to Wegmans in November, 2010) and mistakenly believed this customer to be a shoplifter.

She was not and is not a shoplifter.

The security manager confirmed this by pretending to be a fellow customer and following her, and observing her while she made her purchases. He even hired an under cover female detective to sit at a table next to her, while she worked in the cafe.

They watched hours of video with her shopping and working in the cafe. They confirmed that she purchased approx. $25 worth of office supplies, lunch, newspapers, cafe each and every day she worked there.

They even took her customer loyalty number and completed a background check on her. They knew for a fact she was NOT a shoplifter, that is why she was never arrested, and the police were never called.

Just before Bobby Flay was scheduled to visit Hunt Valley, this over zealous cafe employee, complained to Rob and Patrick, again falsely accusing this woman of shoplifting.

Before the 3 managers received the correct info from the store's own security manager, Rob and Patrick and the Wendy, verbally attacked and verbally threatened this young woman, ordering her out of the store.

The customer was horrified and did not understand why they were treating her in this harsh manner.

She had never been thrown out of any establishment, ever. Her family is in the social registry for Baltimore County. She is not a criminal. The Hunt Valley managers committed a serous error in judgment.

The female store manager, Wendy and two male managers, Rob and Patrick, should have investigated the accusations of the cafe employee, before approaching the and demanding her to leave the store/threatening her with arrest.

After this young woman was thrown out, it was only then that the security manager, along with the 3 store managers: Rob, Patrick, Wendy and the 2nd cafe employee, realized they had made a serious error.

They all feared unemployment and a lawsuit. They closed ranks and went into recovery mode.

They made up a story that she was a "potential" shoplifter and then decided to take on anonymous identities and make website entries, claiming discrimination, falsely identifying her as a Witch and a ***.

Princeville, Illinois, United States #302992

This woman came into the cafe on Monday and Wednesday from 8 am to 2 pm. She purchased approx. $25 each time. I used to work for Wegmans at that time. She was not a thief. She did pay for her articles. She was not loitering.

An overly aggressive female employee mistakenly thought this customer was not scanning all of her items at the self check out.

We watched hours of this customer on video. We confirmed all of her purchases. We even ran a background check on her from her customer loyalty number and debit card scans.

She has never been arrested. She is the beneficiary of a well-off company. She did not loiter. She did not steal. She is a contributor to charities.

We even hired an undercover female store detective to sit across from her and chat with the customer.

We made a mistake. I no longer work there. That place is a Nazi Palace.

We were all afraid of a law suit or that we were going to lose our jobs. The mangers went into damage control and started some rumors about this customer.

I can tell you that we investigated her, and she attends religious services every day at St. Joseph's Parish in Baltimore County.

I am sorry for what we did and I will have to live with this for the rest of my life.

Patrick and Wendy have no guilt problem, because they honestly don't believe they did anything wrong. How sad.

to Flower_Gardener #1120065
I have to agree with you< I too am a former employee. Though I didn't stop working there because of this my Mom took ill and I wanted to spend as much of the time she had left with her not working.
I feel horrible for what had happened.

I made a mistake and had too many bagels in my bags that I was bringing to my daughters sports team. I never noticed until I was home. I was so stumped as to why the manager and this women was standing there starring at me. Though I definitely got what they were doing and that was trying to intimidate me but again I didn't realize what I had done until I was home.

I would have gladly of paid for the extras all the cashier had to do is tell me. I have had a manager come over and tell me when they have suspected someone trying to take something and for me to give them a gentil reminder to the customer. Also I was taught as a cashier if I ever questioned a customer with quantity's just to count myself and mention politely to the customer "I'm sorry I think you made a mistake". Nothing was ever said to me, Todd never said a word.

Instead every time after that day when he saw me in the store shopping he and one of his runners would follow me all through the store, make sure I felt there presence to intimidate me. I got tired of it and I wrote Wegmans Customer Service Department and explain my predicament and that I was sorry I didn't know what I had done. I would be happy to pay for the bagels. I just wanted the intimidation stuff to stop I did not deserve that.

He of all people knew me and knew I would not steel from the hand that had fed me for 24years, at least not on purpose. The store manager called me and insisted he had no idea of what I was talking about. I've done security stunts with this manager so I know what type of things they do to customers when they suspect them of something. And I've alerted him to thefts while I was working there.

He told other local managers of my letter to the main office I'm sure of that. I also think that is unprofessional but then again none of the things he and these other managers have been professional.
Maybe the women that was asked to leave for working on her laptop in the Cafe should have been informed nicely from these 3 managers instead of just throwing her out.
I wonder if these managers think it's my fault Todd got transferred but I doubt his transfer was a bad thing for him. He got a raise a new store and warm weather, and he loves to play golf. It's been 3 years and the local managers are still making there presence to me and insist they are not.

I have talked with several of my friends that work there still and they confirmed what they are doing and said the only thing you can do because no one will believe you. To hold my head high and know that is the Wegmans way to bully/hurt me. They are Bullies and I hope one day they have someone in there family gets bullied. I know 2 wrongs don't make it right but after reading all these different comments about how rotten some of Wegmans employees are making other people feel.

It made me feel like I'm not the only one they are treating this poorly and at the same time wonder if Danny or Colleen know these people are ruining their name. Wegmans managers think they are God and can treat everyone poorly and maybe secretly The Wegmans family endorse their behaviors secretly. It's sad I'm sad because I've have always been loyal to the Wegmans Corporation but now I tell everyone about what they did and are doing to me. Most people will come to their own conclusion on how Wegmans employees are, look they are still ranked #1 so they can do what ever they want it all gets hidden.

I still shop there for some things but not a lot. If they want to pretend they aren't doing their intimidation *** then I will walk with my head held high and know I tried to make things right.

It's terrible when you have a concience and Wegmans manager do NOT. I am so glad I found this page to get this off my chest once more but to other people who understand.

First off, what does this reviewer have against little boys.

Frankly, I think all these people who are loitering for hours at Wegman's should be kicked out, including the reviewer and her group of little busy bodies.


It seems like something is missing here. In Wegmans cafe areas, there are signs clearly on the walls (and yes there are at Hunt Valley) that state that the seating areas intended for those customers who are enjoying their meals. Plus, you fail to mention the time of the day this woman was sitting in the cafe.

If this was after 8 or 9pm, the entire upstairs is closed and all customers are asked to move downstairs.

If this woman made no purchases in the cafe but just went there to work on her laptop, Wegmans has the right to ask her to leave. The cafe areas are not intended for those who make no purchases.

Third- what the *** does being ***, bi or *** have to do with anything? Nothing. If she was not following their rules, they were right in asking her to leave.


Oh my God, say it isn't so! It's worse than the Holocaust! Somebody call somebody!

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