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On Saturday, I went to Wegman's in Woodbridge, VA and bought fresh, cut cantaloupe chunks, watermelon hearts, and pineapple chunks. When I took the watermelon with me to work the next day, it smelled alright, but was very fermented when I tasted it. Great. There went $4 down the drain. The next day, I took the cantaloupe chunks to work hoping they would be fine. Alas, they too were fermented and very hard (not ripe enough). So, I wasted another $4 on bad fruit.

Wegman's has consistently disappointed me and wasted my money in the freshly cut fruit department. They are obviously failing to do this right, because other supermarkets deliver amazingly delicious freshly cut fruit consistently. Namely, I am always pleased with Shopper's and Bloom's freshly cut fruit. From now on, I will only buy their and leave Wegman's fruit alone.

Every few months, I get it in my head that maybe Wegman's has learned from their past failures and has improved their fruit packaging, but I am always sad and angry after the first ***.

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