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I purchased food from Wegman's in Springfield, VA from the hot food bar..It made all of us sick to our stomachs' two hours after eating. Ask for my money back because we were not satisfy and they have failed to reimburse the amount of 45 dollars..No longer a customer of Wegman's their policy of satisfaction guaranteed is bogus and a big fat lie...therefore they are big fat lair's. They did not care that a child got sick as a result of their food from the hot food buffet..Attention don't shop at Wegman's SuperMarket in Fairfax VA

Monetary Loss: $45.

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Brockport, New York, United States #812227

this is such bogus. All of our food has a max of 2 hours and 3 separate people checking it during that time.

If you got sick that means many other people would have and if 3 separate familes complain then it might have been true. and 2 hours after? it must have been what you made for breakfast then, because it usually isnt that quick.

sorry you decided you spent too much money on lunch and wanted it back but when you return the items even hot food bar, we will honor that and give you your money back. but eating food and wanting your money back is just plain rediculous.

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