Here is the latest insanity from Wegmans, a store we used to like.I was in the process of checking out.

I had handed her my credit card to pay. I had a case of Corona beer and the checker asked to see my ID. . They have a policy, that I have never seen anywhere else where they check the ID of EVERYONE buying booze.

Now, even forgetting that it has been decades since I was 21, I found it OK to go along and produce my ID that indeed proved that I was well over the age of 21. But now she asked to see the ID of my spouse was behind me who was not even part of the transaction. She refused on the basis that 1. she was not part of the transaction 2.

She objected because of privacy concerns and 3. because she thought such a request was perhaps even illegal to ask for the ID of someone with no rational need. Needless to say it took nearly 15 minutes to resolve with the line manager unable to break this new weird requirement and the store manager having to come down from his perch and finally after much argument, saying that he would make an exception. An exception?

If it is a "law" how can a store manager make an exception to break the law? Wegmans, no more for us! NJ law?

No mention of carding those with you who are shopping.What do you think?

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Malvern, Pennsylvania, United States #1195286

Exact thing happened to me today at K of P Wegmans. Seems they also want to scan IDs and collect ur personal data too.


The same just happened to me. And the manager ended up "breaking" the policy for the one time. I will never buy beer from them again.


That's a load of ***! I work at wegmans and I sell booze to anyone.who gives a ***? If some kids want beer they will get it somehow so I might as well create some job security.


Wegmans embarrassed me at the register, asking for the ID of my two teenage children and creating a scene of discomfort all because I was purchasing some alcohol along with my groceries.

I am considering legal action.

Fredericksburg, Virginia, United States #871362

I was with my friend who is over 21.We were buying cupcakes and decided to get a bottle of mead.

I am under 21 and was just buying cupcakes. The checkout lady said that she needed to see both our IDs, even though I wasn't buying alcohol.

When I showed my ID she said that she couldn't sell my friend the mead because we came in together.What utter ***.

to KA1 Akron, New York, United States #1326805

That's actually state law that if you are with that party, same transaction or not, and under 21 a business cannot sell alcohol to anyone within your party with the exception of if you are with your parents.

to Anonymous #1408676

That's bs.. I can't take my kids to the grocery store if I'm buying beer.. there is no law

Bridgewater Township, New Jersey, United States #840554

The same incident occurred to me just today at and it was the first time i purchased a whopping 3 bottles of wine from them since it was on sale.They wanted to see my wife's id and she did not have her purse and id with her.

The cashier demanded to know our relationship when i thought for a minute I won a grand prize aboard the Costa Concordia. I advised them she was my wife and the cashier said ok i will make an exception this time but its a store policy.

I could understand this policy if young looking people came in and wanted to purchase alcohol but when an old man like myself comes in with his good looking wife and purchases $200.00 dollars worth of food and three cheap bottles of wine, does it look like I am trying to pull off some illegal act?

A store policy to prevent what? Minors are not dummies, they will learn the policy and circumvent it.

Who the *** came up with this pathetic policy, some low level manager trying to look good for his next promotion? I respect laws and good policies when they make sense but this policy just makes the store look like they are policing alcohol consumers when in reality they are doing absolute jack!

I plan to return to the store with a large bus load of volunteers who will pose as my family as we purchase one bottle of wine. It should take them a day to check the i.d..

Better yet, I propose they tighten up their policy and when someone approaches the cashier with a bottle of wine, they lock all doors and announce over the pa system that they need to see everyone's id in the store and ask the relationships of their customers.

I would like to see the cashier ask the relationship of a *** partnership. I bet some of them will not bother. I think it is intrusive and bears no reasoning for stopping under age drinking.

Wegmans should leave the business of law enforcement up to the police and just sell their products.

I called the store manager and told him my mind but he didn't give a ***, he's the guy who probably introduced the policy.They can keep their lousy 6 dollar a bottle wine, I ll go somewhere else.

to wegman alleged violator #1417919

They are just trying to follow the law. If they can be held accountable for selling to a party where there is any question as to who is going to consume the alcohol, then they have every right to cover their *** from legal action. The law is not their fault, but you blame them for following it.

Buffalo, New York, United States #766221

I think that it is ridiculous.Everyone is worried about buying booze for kids when it is generally parents who do such now-a-days.

The country is softer than Charmin and to avoid potential age discrimination law suits they more than likely implemented their own rule.

Would be nice for Wegmans to clarify.

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