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was walking in to Wegmans when I was struck in the back by a Wegman's employee not looking where he was going. He was pushing 20 shopping carts! quite the shock and quite painful!

Filed a report with manager at store and was told Wegman's would call me in about 24 hours about medicals bills. I had to call them because they never called me. I finally talked to some there and was told someone would call me back in 2 days. That never happened! Had to called them again. meanwhile it's been almost a week now since the incident and

Wegman's is now refusing to pay out a settlement for medical bill,pain and time lost.

Guess it's for an attorney!

Monetary Loss: $600.

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What kind of serious injury could you possibly have?

Rochester, New York, United States #706190

My legal advice, is to sue WEGMANS--and, make them pay for their staff stupidness...


another money grubber looking for a piece of pie. $600 for medical bills and time loss? get out of here there is no way your 'injury' was anything serious if it in fact happened, otherwise you would have been smart and lawyered up 1 day after the incident happened instead of posting here.

Rochester, New York, United States #650735

Follow up from previous post, When you do contact us sly1961, please reference #985015 thank you!

Rochester, New York, United States #650732

Hello sly1961, We are very sorry about this incident. Can you please contact Wegmans Consumer Affairs about this more by emailing us at or calling us at 1-800-WEGMANS, ext.

8500-4760, Monday - Friday between the hours of 8AM-5PM EST.

We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you!

to Wegmans ***sumer Affairs Buffalo, New York, United States #651891

time for My attorney to take action!!!!

never heard back from you as promised.

Newtown, Connecticut, United States #650593

You are a disgrace to human life and disgust me. You probably are on welfare too and expect everyone to kiss your behind. Please leave this planet

to disgrace Buffalo, New York, United States #650615

Glad you have the ability to judge others without knowing them.

Guess That makes you superior than the rest of the human race. NOT! LOSER!!

to disgrace #717280

Let me see, Newtown, CT denigrating someone... Hmmm, isn't this the place where how many small children and teacher(s) were shot and killed by one of your own very upstanding and privileged citizens.

Maybe you should take a very long look in the mirror before you start insulting folks.

I, on first hand information, know of one customer who was injured in an in-store accident and an employee seriously injured - Wegmans, in their onwn inimitable way, got out of paying for any medical expenses. The philosophy is screw everyone, except our family.

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