Several time I have had to return produce, because the watermelon was not ripe, or there were strawberries in the middle of the pack with mold I could not see, until opened, or the mango was not ripe. My son also became ill eating some of there prepared chicken.

What I did not see when I made the purchase, was the chicken expired on the date I bought it. When I called the store they said the chicken was good until midnight, when they closed. The person showed no concern my son was ill. I was also at the store in May with my grandson, and he wanted me to buy him cheetos.

When I looked at the bag, it had a date of 1/14 on it. I took a photo of the item, and also called the corporate office and told them about the item. They did not seem to care. The following week we went back to the store, and the SAME OUTDATED bag/bags were on the shelf:( There have been numerous other situations, but it would take too long to detail everything.

I think the three biggest complaints I have are, they do not rotate their food on a regular basis, I can never find the main store manage, and customer service on the store level and in the corporate office is just awful. No one cares.

That is not how you build a good reputation. I can not wait until Whole Foods opens up in my area.

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