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Let me start off by saying, I was a shoplifter. I acknowledge that what I did was wrong, and I certainly do regret it.

I am a first offense shoplifter and I have no prior history of shoplifting. I went shopping with four other friends and another one had the idea to shoplift some groceries for a trip we were going on because our food was going to be so expensive. I decided, why not, let's give it a try. So, in total, three out of the five were going to shoplift some groceries and save some cash.

Upon leaving the store, we were apprehended by AP and brought to the back room to get our info for barring, etc. To begin with, our two other friends had nothing to do with our deed and were completely innocent. Secondly, they were quite rude to our innocent friends, even calling one of them pregnant. The total amount of what we had taken had added up to 123.46 and as Maryland state law, the amount of the penalty fine should be twice that amount along with the amount of the items unable to be resold (Meat cannot be resold if taken off store property).

Fine. That is understandable and I am completely willing to pay that fine. I know I was wrong and I would not repeat this mistake again. HOWEVER, they decided to bill this fine upon each of us.

That means a $317.99 payment from each of us. This is simply absurd. Especially the fact that our two innocent friends were also obligated to pay this fine. We were unable to leave until we had signed this form and filled out the remaining paperwork and since the last train would be leaving within an hour or so, we had just wanted to get out and go home at this point.

Upon further research, we had discovered that Maryland state law only allows up to a $1000 fine on items shoplifted. Seeing as there were five of us, the total amount we were paying was $1,589. That is correct, almost 13x the original amount we had taken. I understand paying for the crime, but that is just ridiculous in my opinion.

Especially since they were charging 2 innocent people at the same time. Also, in general, to charge nearly $1,600 in damages for $123.46 worth of merchandise is preposterous. I would not mind paying $317.99 or even $400 worth of fines to Wegman's, as they are a good company and while I do not fault their AP team for anything other than their rudeness, I find this ridiculous. Hopefully something can be done or worked out but this was just outrageous in my opinion.

In conclusion, I know I have made a mistake. It was a lesson learned and I am willing to pay my dues. However, when my dues add up to be a ridiculous amount, I start to get a little irked myself.

Perhaps this was a good lesson yes, but not at this cost. Especially not at the cost of two of my innocent friends.

Monetary Loss: $1272.

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Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, United States #954388

They just don't know when or where to stop with this persecution of shoplifters & people who make mistakes. I did not shoplift in their store, but was tempted to ONCE, but did not.

And they tried to FRAME me for shoplifting & have made my name mud all over town. We all know our flaws & try to make amends.

But Wegmans appoints itself judge & jury. It's wrong.


You were lucky, up here in New York we can charge shoplifters ten times the amount the stole.

White Haven, Pennsylvania, United States #825643

You're lucky that they did not call the police. You all should have been locked up.

Rochester, New York, United States #781309

And yet I've lost count how many times I've complained to Wegmans management teams at various stores about people (children, elderly, all ages) taking food from the bulk section and produce area and eating it straight from the bins - without paying for it. The parents of the children pretend they don't speak English when I approach them and tell them to keep their kids out of the food, that it's stealing, etc.

They don't care - Wegmans doesn't care. Yet, it's a sanitary/health issue as well as theft (other consumer get stuck with the cost) that Wegmans completely refuses to make any effort to manage.


Good for you and your friends. You all should have been locked up.

Rochester, New York, United States #706184

Wegmans is the nastiest company, and unfair penalties is there speciality; thank goodness....I can shopped at other stores.

to Anonymous #728541

Are your for real? They shoplifted and deserved the strictest penalty possible.

The two friend's were not innocent in that they knew what was going on.

The price of food goes up because of people like them. I say good for Wegmans.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #698681

First off, your friends are not innocent. If they were there when you attempted to shoplift they are just as guilty as you.

Second, each person stole those items, why not charge all 4 the total amount each?

Maybe it will teach you a lesson and not try to be a cheap *** and drive prices of products up.

As far as them being rude to you, what do you expect? They aren't going to greet you with a handshake and offer you a meal after you tried to walk off without paying.

to Dumb Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, United States #954389

Wegmans charged them more than the legal penalty. That's just as criminal as what the shoplifters did.

Baltimore, Maryland, United States #640651

Are you razy. I don't like paying for groceries but I do.

I don;t get what I can't afford.

grocery stores have to raise prices to pay for security for people like you. You should have been charged and taken to court!!

Are you for real???? Grow up.

Macomb, Michigan, United States #629894

This guy is an ***. Your too friends weren't innocent, they were complicit in your crime. Too bad you didn't get arrested, it would have been funny to read your pissedconsumer complaint for the county lockup.

Leominster, Massachusetts, United States #624154

You STOLE you ***! you deserve it.

your lucky you weren't arrested!

wtf? ***.

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