Ann, a cashier at the Dickson City, PA store insulted me and my family while checking out. I tried to be nice and find out what her problem was, she just got worse.

I will never shop at a Wegmans store again if these are the type of employees they hire. She even spoke and looked funny. Who would hire someone that looked like or spoke like a complete ***. Good people are looking for jobs and this is what they hired.

Must have been desperate or maybe she knew someone, either way...wow. This store is a joke, never again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wegmans Cashier.

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You are seriously judging someone by the way they look/talk?

I agree she shouldn't have been rude and I'm sorry on behalf of wegmans that this happened...but this does not entitle you to being a complete *** when it comes to someone's appearance. Learn some respect. You need some.


To judge someone based on how they look. You are the problem!!!!

What a horrible thing to say. What if she/hes a war vet. What if she/he is a victim of domestic abuse. What if she/he has a disability or medical condition.

When you judge someone by their looks that shows who YOU truly are.

its people like you who need to take a step back and not only take a look in the mirror but deep deep in your soul. You should be ashamed of yourself.

Naples, Florida, United States #598498

"She even spoke and looked funny/. Who would hire someone that looked like or spoke like a complete ***!."


You insult HER and wonder why you got ride service? What kind of business allows customers like YOU through the front door???

Yonkers, New York, United States #591353

So let me get this straight -- you refuse to shop at Wegmans because they hired someone who may not be "normal" in your opinion? You don't say what the insult was but I've seen my local store hire disabled and they seem to be one of the few places where people with disabilities can get jobs. Don't be such a snob.


So the fact that she looked and sounded funny insulted you and your whole family? Maybe her mother just died of brain cancer, but she couldn't take the time off because she had to pay out of pocket for funeral costs after her whole family walked out on her for marrying a black man.

Maybe she got worse after you were pestering her and antagonizing her. Think about things before you start spouting off about people's attitudes, when they have to deal with people like you, and worse, all day every day just to make ends meet.

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