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It is legal in my state for anybody over the age of 17 to buy a package of ten sterile insulin syringes without proof of medical problem. Some time ago, I was stopping for groceries on the way home from work, and my brother, a diabetic, asked if I could pick him up a package to get him through until he could pick up his prescription. He only lives a few blocks from me and, after having recent surgery, had been very ill and bedridden for a couple days.

He told me the size that he needed, and before grocery shopping, I asked the pharmacy department for a ten-day supply of the syringes he used. The man working was extremely rude after I told him what I needed. He threw down a package in front of me and asked "is this what you want?" I told him, again, the size that I needed, and asked if he could check and make sure that these were the right ones, since I have no experience buying this kind of product. He didn't even look at them and said "I'm sure they'll work for whatever you need to do." He then proceeded to put them in a clear shopping bag. Everyone else picking up prescriptions was handed a white paper bag, and I asked if he could put them in a white bag for me, since I had some shopping to do and didn't want the whole store viewing this rather discreet purchase. He refused, asking "Why? Do you have a problem with others knowing about it?"

Appalled, I left the syringes on the counter and drove across town to buy them at Rite-Aid. The woman behind this counter was very helpful and kind, and did all that she could to help my brother and I.

I am an educated and hardworking citizen of a respectable age. I am very involved in our small community, and certainly do not do anything illegal with needles. I am extremely offended that this associate was rude to me and assumed that I was a criminal for making a legal purchase of medical equipment to help my family.

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Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, United States #954410

If they can find a reason to treat you like a criminal, they will. Wegmans is allied with Infragard.

They are hyper-alert to criminal activity. Problem is that they persecute people who have done nothing wrong to them & that is wrong.

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