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I went into Wegmans , today, July 18, 2017 (around 4pm) to pick up my prescriptions (3) I do get over $9,000.00+ (I use Embrel, alone is $8,000.00 per 4 pack a month and over 25 other drugs, a month, insulins and other biologics...expensive stuff) After waiting in a wheelchair cart (30 minutes+) the gentlemen was fiddling around with the computer and my packages which took him awhile to retrieve. ( I never wait more than 5 minutes, total...and I can leave.

Im a very sick gentleman) I said, is my insulin ready, too? He told me the computer doesnt show any. I said OK and I will re-order it. He kept looking.

I Said Ill take care of it.....he kept going and now I say Its ok, Ill take care of it. At this time I was so tired and getting sick. I wanted to go home...Now He says I owe 84.00 dollars for test strips that I get free. I said No, I dont I have Excellus blue cross and Medicaid which pays those.

I had to show HIM (Over 17 texts sent by Wegmans) that it was 0 dollar co-pays. He says nothing. And he kept looking. Now we are arguing...Why are we arguing???

Because NO ONE WAS THERE TO WATCH THESE 2 new recruits and they were making mistakes and changing my account! Its now going on and 45 minutes. Imagine, there for a 3 minute pick-up and 45 minutes. I come in and the staff gets the stuff and immediately sign the book and go, NO big deal, right?

It was a big dealand they just kept ignoring my questions while they kept me waiting so long. I said I will get my cell phone and show you the texts of the last two months, I have no co-payment, its billed to Medicaid and I showed them. I need to get to my vehicle and have a high sugar drink...I was sweating now. Never thought I would be that long.

Luckily I am prepared. The aggravation it caused me was bad. Im getting a stomach ache and feel light headed like I was having a LOW, Im a diabetic. Along with a BIG headache.

Im kinda sick since I was a little kid. I come back, it is still not ready, and I WAS so frustrated! My voice was getting louder, I am only human and that is what happens when people take advantage of you. Instead of sayingjust awhile longer Mr.

Scala or answer, my questions they just ignored me. Really, I think anyone or the majority of people would be irritated too. Now a whole set of new rules are being implemented stating my 17 texts are wrong and someone sent them improperly, ha! I said all 17 of them?.

(over a 2-3 month period) Amazing how they wanted to try so hard to hide the mistakes/texts. They justified all of this. Amazing. NOW, a lady runs to the front where I am( says shes the manager, No Name tag No introduction, so there was no identifying her I asked her name and she flubbed it so I couldnt make it out and starts to yell at me for raising my voice at him.

She embarrassed and insulted me. I said help out these new people, whos watching them? Im here too long. She said I dont care, I dont allow yelling, ignoring the real problem.

(But she had a raised voice, just like me...make any sense? She didnt like the idea that her people were, well slow and miss-informed. I said why is my account being changed (it was fine for almost a year) and why am I waiting so long?? And She demanded I be thrown out...she was adamant about the whole thing and never straightened it out; instead She tried to direct the blame to me, She Yelled IN FRONT OF MORE THAN A DOZEN PEOPLE AND 7 STAFF.

She also called the police (cmon now). I was then thrown out for the trainees mistakes and unbelievable time I had to wait, 45 minutes. Then, She was right on top of me not a couple of inches breathing down my neck to prove whos the boss and I told to stay away from me. Thought she may strike me from behind.

I told her I was capable of leaving on my own. (at that point I was afraid she would hit me) The fellow who surposingly Fixed everything. He asked me 5 times for my birthday and I finally told him to write it down ( that would make everyone cringe that they were playing around now to aggravate me, even more!, they were taking advantage of me and toyed with me. And had to ask over and over again for my important prescriptions so I may stay ahead of my diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis.

He was actually trying to keep them from me. I was overdue on my test strips. Without them I cannot eat without knowing where I amlife threatening, Nice. I had to call several doctors (7) and change my pharmacy to the new one.

Took 3 hours. I thought she ( was a woman at that time, you can check to see who was on that shift to identify her) was going to tell me NOT to use the invalid motor cart and get off. I was parked some ways in the parking lot...all spaces taken by NON-invalid users. No cards on the mirror.

I cant walk. It was such a bother that after she told me to get out. And I immediately moved my account to another pharmacy. She was still yelling showing everyone around that SHE was the boss.

And another account lost Because of that unbelievable Rudeness). Yelling at me for raising my voice. Shame. I came to your store for the pharmacy and so-called great service.

Take another look and see that manager for what she really is, a BULLY. It was a hassle to come to Wegmans and never had any problems, NEVER! It was park, get a cart (which when busy there are none or kids driving them and complained about it and they said they couldnt do anything but you can throw me out pretty fast) Of, course she will deny this (there was so many people watching) ...and she asked one of the men to come towards me, he did not move and turned his head, in disgust. He knew she was wrong and she was only interested that I BE BLAMED ( to cover her act like a Bully.

Sorry, You just cant do that to people, make me wait 45 minutes because you are not familiar with your pharmacys policy, nor can you insult customers like she did to me. I wanted to conclude my transaction; she lengthened the stay, she kept yelling at me. I am a professional engineer and know the numbers. She should have resolved it, by saying ok, ok, lets get this right and NOT insult me for what, she was doing, also, a raised voice.

What happened to kindness and compassion? Used to be there. ALL I CAN SAY IS THIS WAS A DISGUSTING AND HORRIFYING AS WELL AS A TRAUMATIC ENCOUNTER THAT I WILL NEVER FORGET! I am a person with many issues in my health.

Really dont need this. Thank You for listening. Your store is normally ok. Angelo Scala PS..Today, 7.19,2017 at 7:16 PM, I was given a call from Wegmans security.

He didnt state his name and I asked who he was he didnt answer me. Thinking Wegmans are calling to apologize. AnywaysHe was actually telling me NOT to ever come back to that store. I already knew that why would I go there after the last encounter.

He asked my side which is stated above then told me a bunch of very disturbing lies the pharmacist manager said about me. She said I was cursing, not true. I am a teacher for disabled and young children 6 yrs old to 18 years old. Not my nature to use expletives to anyone.


They are still trying to justify their actions. I was through with them why call me?

Product or Service Mentioned: Wegmans Prescription Refill.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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