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My family has been a loyal customer since the Frederick Store opened many years ago. We come to Wegmans, not only for the quality products, but for the customer service.

Over the past year, my husband and I have seen a drastic dip in the quality of personnel and customer service but today was my breaking point. After a long week of work, I was shopping with my 20 month old son. To help my shopping experience, I always buy 2 cookies. I give my son one cookie and keep the 2nd in the bag so when they ring me up, the cashier can charge me twice since by the end of the shopping trip my son has eaten and enjoyed the delicious cookie.

Although, today the cashier and her manager told me that this is against store policy and a 20 month old baby CANNOT eat a cookie without paying for it. I explained that I was paying for it and that was the reason I bought 2 cookies so that they can charge me twice. The Cashier's Manager (I believe his name was Darren) accused me of stealing and then charged back to the cookie section of the Frederick Store putting 3 individual cookies in 3 different bags and marched back asking what type of cookie my son consumed. He asked firmly...

"Did the cookie have Walnuts int it, was it Chocolate Chip or did it have frosting on it???" Clearing, he did not understand when I told him that my son ate the same cookie that was in the bag that I was already charged for when i asked them to charge me twice. By the way... the single cookie was $0.49 so there couldn't have been a differential of a penny for the 2nd cookie if it weighed less or more. This experience was quite embarrassing because the Cashier's Manager (Again...I believe his name was Darren) made quite the scene.

I did speak with a Manager on my way out and he didn't seem to care about my experience the slightest. My family spends about $1,000 per month at the Frederick Store.

I will be taking our money elsewhere due to this very poor experience. I do hope you can improve your customer service so another good paying and loyal customer does not have this experience.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wegmans Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Here is the problem...those cookies are sold by the pound

It’s hard to weigh something that was already ate. Solution, have the bakery WEIGH the cookie before your child eats it.

Problem solved. I am a regular shopper at a few Wegmans, it always amazes me that parents think it’s OK to give their child a cookie, fruit, whatever to eat while they shop. THE WORST i’ve seen is in the bulk food section. Why do people feel it’s ok to take what ever they want and eat it like they own it.

I’ve watched patents allow kids to put the pickmix candy in their pockets or u

just open candy and eat away. Problem being it makes the price go up due to theft. Sadly, those doing it don’t care because they will continue to teach their kids to steal. What’s worse?.

When adults open the bin stick a bare hand in the candy or fruit and eat away.

That’s merchandise that someone may purchase that has just been contaminated by your dirty hands. YUCK!!!!!!

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