I don't believe I try to be a dedicated customer of Wegmans when, they keep sticking it to me. Out dated food, vegetables that turn bad very quickly, and now the 24 hour debacle.

Tonight again I drove to my local wegmans which is about 3 miles away, to do a bit of shopping. When I arrived there I see a sign on the door. The store was temporarily closed and would reopen as soon as possible, and of course they were sorry for the inconvenience. So I wasted a bit of gasoline and was willing to pay the inflated prices to buy what I needed.

This particular store seems to do this a number of times during the year for whatever reason. It was bad enough that they closed all the city stores and forced their following to drive a further distance to pay the inflated prices.

Also it seems like the shoppers club cards are now exclusively used to track shopping trends and purchases. Whatever happened to the discounts?

Monetary Loss: $2.

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Three times per year the store closes overnight, all Wegmans; thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years eve. Prior to those closings the store will run shut down procedures to test alarms usually for 15 to 20 minutes about a week prior to the actual close.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #696417

Stores can close for a wide number of reasons.

1) planned maintenance. They can't really get away with doing a lot of it during the day. Especially if it requires turning off the power to the store. This should happen at least 1-2 times each year. Seriously, the place doesn't just hold itself together with magic.

2) unplanned absences. Have you ever noticed that there is usually only one person running registers at night? Believe it or not, that person is as probe to illness as anyone else. Probably more so, given their nocturnal sleep schedule. What do you think happens if he or she has to go home unexpectedly? It's not always easy, or even possible to find cover right away. The store may need to close for an hour or so while a replacement is found. Believe it or not, employees are still just human beings.

3) city stores close because of city crime. Don't blame the store for trying to protect itself and its employees. Blame the residents. It is entirely their fault.

Shoppers club discounts are all over the store in my area. Just because you don't buy the items on sale that doesn't mean they're not there.

Naples, Florida, United States #598492

Veggies do not go bad any faster from Wegmans than any other store. Jesus.

Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada #592716

You actually believe the store would close for no reason? Why would they close the store, they aren't making any money with the store being closed.

There are many reasons the store can be closed. The store might not have any power. The store might have a fire. There might have been a flood. If it is late at night and the store is close to a bar, they could close the store for the safety of their employees and for the products and store. Just to name a few.

For the card, is that all the card does is track your purchases. It doesn't give you any coupons or gift certificates?

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