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On several occasions I have found either completely rotted fruit in the Irondequoit wegmans produce dept. I have given it to the employee on duty. I would expect them to be very concerned. Each time they just take it and never apologize. I'm talking about green moldy smushy lemons here...uggh. Rotted tomatoes with bugs all over them most recently, and in case they try to say this is bull, I could easily video it on any cell phone and prove it to them.

What is the deal. I once had to bring back a gourmet candy apple teaming with little ants inside - no they did not come from my home - one of the produce managers said "oh, that happens sometimes".

Their strawberries consistantly look like ***. One time the Wegmans big shots were in the store and one of the higher ups in the produce dept was spouting some pro Wegmans bs. He tried to tell me that he personaly inspects and eats some of the strawberries every day to see if they're fresh..bull$%^&. If he did indeed do that he would see the half dead moldy strawberries sitting there just about every day. I've even had cashiers agree that the strawberries look terrible most of the time.

When will they wake up over there ?

They also discontinue brands all the time whilst crowding the shelves with their brand...annoying.

They also seem to run out of the same things over and over again. These products remain out of stock for weeks at a time. Hello, if you're selling alot of something why not order more ? dahhhh

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Cleveland, Ohio, United States #710573

"ORDER MORE?" Yep its that super easy here's a helpful retail matter the store (target Wegmans WALMART) your supplier will only let you order a certain amount. No matter the chain or location.

So unfortunately when any store runs out of a product they probably have ordered their maximum.

Set by a retailer/distributor contact. So its not as easy as "ordering more"

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