Northborough, Massachusetts
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Bought sushi at NORTHBOROUGH, MA store and was hospitalized at UMASS within 24 hours from a E.coli infection that wound up preforating my small intestine and entering my blood stream. 10 days in the hospital the bill was over $40,000! It has to be that or the OPEN FOOD BAR - which is always exposed! WHAT WAS I THINKING?????

I can't even go near the place anymore! THEY ALMOST KILLED ME! There was almost a funeral...if I hadn't fallen down in pain at work on Mnday, I would have thought I had the flu! YEAKS! Crazy! I will never eat at WEGMANS AGAIN. they do not have the proper tools, inspection and people working the food they are handling.

Keep it - I'd go to Whole Foods and Price Chopper anyday!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

Preferred solution: Close them down, more inspections, get rid of that open food bar.

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Whenever I purchase your Wavy Potato Chips especially at your Malvern, PA store, they are always crushed when we open them. I am very careful with them putting them on top of cart and packing them in their own bags.

Went To Giant the other day and purchased chips snd not one broken or crushed chip. Are your stockers/truck loaders not careful?

Just plain annoying. The woman behind me today at checkout also found that to be true.


Vote Republican. They are committed to keeping the oceans free of pollutants and nuclear waste and oil and mercury.

Then your fish will taste much better Happy eating!


Joke of the day? It was for me!!! Thanks for the laughs!


go right ahead...go wherever you u think those other stores don't have the same problems? it can happen anywhere...and as far as wegmans food, they are on top of keeping it fresh and safe....maybe it was something you ate from somewhere else...


Hello again,

When you do call Wegmans Consumer Affairs, please refer to case 1136687. Thank you!

Wegmans Consumer Affairs


Good Morning,

We're very sorry to hear about this. Can you contact Wegmans Consumer Affairs at your convenience at 1-800-WEGMANS ext 4760 Monday-Friday 8am-5pm. We'd like to talk with you about this.

Thank you,

Wegmans Consumer Affairs

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