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I have been a frequent shopper at the Wegmans in Hunt Valley, MD for quite some time, and it is not relatively close. It is somewhere I have gone out of my way for what I thought was great customer service and a staff that appears professional. I am getting married in September of this year, and when I had seen the beautiful bouquets that Wegmans could do I was excited. I sat down for a consultation with Karen (the floral departments best I was told) on February 4. My fiance and I were pleased with how much she knew and well organized she was. We were extremely satisfied and looking forward to using Wegmans as our wedding florist.

At the end of the appointment, Karen said she would e-mail me an estimate as soon as she could and it would probably be a few days. When we left there on Friday, I was honestly relieved we found someone who knew so much about flowers. One week went by, and I decided to give the benefit of the doubt and wait until Monday. Monday was Valentines Day, and when I talked to Karen and explained I haven't received an estimate, she told me she had been busy due to the holiday. That is completely understandable, and I asked when was the soonest she could get it to me. She replied that she would be off from work the following day (Tuesday) and would try to get it to me Tuesday evening or Wednesday night. I heard nothing.

Friday came, and I called Wegmans at about 1, and when I asked for Karen they said she was busy and asked for my name and what the phone call was in regards to. She called me back at about 5 and gave me over the phone the estimates for everything but my center piece flowers which I was ordering in bulk. I was pleased with the prices, and Karen told me she would put a hard copy in the mail the following day (Saturday) and call me back Monday about the hydrangeas order.

Monday came and went, and I heard nothing. A whole week went by and I was trying to be patient. By Wednesday I called and was told that she was not available. Friday I called at 4:30 and was told she was unavailable. I asked to speak to her supervisor and whomever I spoke to in the floral department said they did not know who the supervisor was. She said its just Karen and Laura (Lauren?) who run the floral department and when I asked to speak to Laura they said that Laura and Karen were busy but I could call back in 20 minutes. I was driving and did not call back. I called again on Saturday at 2 and spoke with Karen. She apologized and said she would e-mail me Sunday and put the hard copy in the mail Monday. It is Tuesday and I have heard nothing. Nothing in the mail (I am in the same state and only one county over) and no e-mail. I refuse to any longer use Wegmans for a florist if this is how careless they are with an order. I was never even offered a contract in an entire month. This was going to be a minimum of a $1500.00 order and Wegmans has lost out.

As a former satisfied customer I no longer even wish to shop there. The place I once thought was highly professional is no longer that way in my eyes. My wedding is quite the hot topic amongst friends who live in the area and I will be sure to tell them that Wegmans is not managed in any way that is organized or customer friendly. I am so disappointed to have my order treated as if it was no big deal, and carelessly put aside. There was no follow through on Wegmans' part, it was always me calling them. Due to the time wasted with Wegmans I have to find another florist who is not booked for my date (which at the moment is not easy). Thanks Wegmans for an awful experience!

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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:cry OMG! I had the same problem when I tried to rent Sam's Club for my wedding reception!

I feel your pain. Next time, maybe I should try the Hilton? I mean, my wedding is the talk of the town. Flowers from Acme...Foods catered from Howard Johnson..First class all the way....

Moral: You get what you pay for.

How much of a "hot Topic" can the wedding be if you are using the Grocery Market for you big $1500 flower order. Hot topic at the mobil home park I'm guessing :x Let me guess, reception to follow at the Fire Hall.
#264859 grocery stores even do weddings? Maybe if the flowers were really important, you would have gone to a florist.

If you had gone to a florist, I think you might find that $1500 for wedding flowers is nothing. I think mine was in the ball park of about $5000.

Yea, tell your friend the grocery store is not a good place to buy wedding flowers. I agree with the other poster..They would laugh in your face.

People are weird - lol Hey, who knows maybe if you comnplain, you can get some free groceries. - lol.

to HUH? #1001050

Yes! Grocery stores have done and will do weddings!


So let me get this straight, this bridezilla is upset with a florist in a GROCERY STORE!? You're seriously not going to go back there and shop for food because some incompetent, non-college educated woman working in the floral department was a little incompetent.

Yah, makes perfect sense.

p.s. Your friends will laugh at you.

Rockwell City, Iowa, United States #258785

This is Wegmans Consumer Affairs...we are so sorry. Please send me your contact information so we can follow up. You can reach me at

Again, please accept our apologies.


Mary Joan

Wegmans Consumer Affairs

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