A friend got a $9.00 meal at Pittsford Wegmans, ate it prior to paying for it $ was accused by security for Steeling it. Two security guards, one on each arm, to him to the office and gave him a "Ticket" for $75.00 that had to be paid in 10 days or it could go up to $1,500.00.

He was an employee as well. He was fired on the spot the next time he showed up for work. Is this legal?

This is absolutely unbelievable. This is a civil matter for no chance for appeal in this matter?

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Buffalo, New York, United States #889998

That employee should've been fired - bottom line. That is considered stealing, and I'm actually glad they're cracking down on employee thefts.

No one is above the law, or the rules listed in the Wegmans employee handbook. Good job wegmans security!


Something is wrong here.

Firstly, eating a meal before you pay for it is theft. Security accusing him of stealing it was quite accurate.

Secondly, they do not have the authority to write tickets.

Those caught shoplifting are either booted from the store immediately or they have the cops called on them.

And lastly, yes its perfectly legal to fire someone for doing that.

I'm rather surprised they didn't call him and ask him to come in instead of waiting for him to show up for his next shift. The obviously knew he worked there as they fired him for that.

I find this very very unlikely to have happened as you describe.


Your friend sounds like an ***. You pay for stuff BEFORE you eat. What dipchit

Pittsford, New York, United States #812226

well at wegmans we have something called a purchase policy for employees. it is VERY clear, every employee is talked to about it and signed saying they understand and we also go through training about our rules and saftey such things 3 times a year.

theres no excuse to eating it first before paying. you are asking to get fired. BUT i do know from experience we 95% of them time have been watching that person and dont ever fire until the second time they have stolen because mistakes do happen.

so the first time is benefit of the doubt or a reminder but second time is termination. and its not illegal to fire on spot we are a private company and they sign paper agreeing to this if you break our policies!

Buffalo, New York, United States #766220

He doesn't have to pay the "fine". It is superimposed b.s.

Oh, and if they physically touched him, he actually has a one up on them.... think about it.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #765876

First off, a meal from the hot prepared foods area is by weight. If he intended to pay for it he should have done so in the first place.

You cannot pay for a weighted item after you eat it. Physically detaining is legal.

I'm sure what you were told is exaggerated. I dont think Wegmans would be where they are today if they broke the law on a day to day basis.

to Anonymous Rochester, New York, United States #797044
You are wrong, if its a 9.00 meal that's all it costs. It does not get weighed.

:x you should always pay for and keep the receipt befor eating so you don't put yourself in this predicament.
to Anonymous #888425

Physically detaining someone is NOT legal unless a felony has been committed. However, if you're told to wait in an office and you choose to do so no laws have been broken.

Generally speaking if one were to get caught shop lifting they aren't being held against their will. They are simply (and rather foolishly) complying.


He's an honest kid & was Not working that day & was at a different Wegmans location. The idea of them Physically escorting him to the office over a civil matter is illegal!

First Born Triplet
to Anonymous Markham, Ontario, Canada #794108

Well taking food without paying for it is theft, and that is illegal. Thieves always make the excuse, "Oh I was going to pay for it".

I am sure this is not the first time this happened. Also if the food got cold he could have microwaved it to warm it up again like the rest of the sane world do.


Being fired on the spot is certainly legal.

Rochester, New York, United States #753368

Physically detaining him for a "civil" matter can not be legal! He even offered to pay on the spot...

No, this was Not me, asking so I can help him when he contacts the Supervisor of security... You never helped a friend??????

to Anonymous Atlantic City, New Jersey, United States #753421

Tell your friend to check the employee handbook. I'm willing to bet that consuming a product without purchasing it first is grounds for immediate termination.

Any idea how many people said "i intended to pay for it later"?

Rochester, New York, United States #753367

He had every intensional of paying for it. It was a hot prepared food & he wanted to eat it before it got cold standing in line. It was in their cafe.


He made the mistake, he ate the meal before he paid for it. Did he by any chance tell you the reason he did it.

There must be an ulterior motive that he did this. What word does "$" spell?

He also didn't steel the food, it should be "steal." Why isn't your friend doing the complaining, or is it actually you, that you are talking about? No matter which both of you should have known better.

to anonymous Rochester, New York, United States #753370

And sorry for typo's on a phone doing this... Don't need spell correct from you!!,

to Anonymous #800155

The original poster, who has now turned s.n.a.r.k.y due to lack of sympathy is the Hungry Hungry Hippo food thief. It's obvious. What a L.o.s.er.

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