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The customer was working for a Not-for profit group, buying a large amount of groceries for some large scale event her group was doing. She had a check WRITTEN OUT TO WEGMANS, and went to pay for it. A manager came over and said that they would not accept her check because "her shoppers club card could not cash checks". Actually, she DID have check cashing on her card, but they would still not allow her to pay with a check. She offered her ID, her name, any information that they would need, but the Manager told her that this was "not her problem" and since the organization "does not have a business card with Wegmans", the manager "doesn't even have to bother" helping her.

I am also in this group, so I was helping this woman shop. I know the group is literally not a business, and can not get a business card. I really want to know how they would expect a not-for profit organization to get a business card, if they are not legally a business?

This manager kept going on and on about how it was "not her problem" and how she did not have to help this customer.

She belittled the customer in front of other associates and customers to the point where the customer left in tears.

This manager was a 40+ year old woman, belittling a woman in her early 30's, simply because she did not feel like helping the customer. Who the *** does that?

I had to pay the entire thing out of pocket because they would not allow the organization to pay them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wegmans Manager.

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We're very sorry for the poor service you experienced at one of our stores. Can you please give us a call in Consumer Affairs at 1-800-WEGMANS.

Please reference case #1092106 when you call.

We would like the store to follow up with you.

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you!

-Wegmans Consumer Affairs


As a customer, I would have stepped up and told the manager off. Then, I would have dumped my groceries and never went back again.

Oh,but not before I would call the cops and file a harassment charge against the manager. If you were with these people, why did you just stand there and let her treat this woman this way?

Don't complain here. Did you complain to her boss or corporate?


Instead of causing a scene, I would have left all the groceries on the counter and walked out. Did the manager know the organization was a non-profit and not a for profit business?

That being said the whole deal wasn't anything to leave in tears over. A person should have enough pride in themselves than to let tears be seen in public.

That could have been prevented by just leaving everything on the counter and walking out.

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