I've been a loyal customer at Wegmans for over ten years. Recently I've been noticing more and more how rude the workers are and how bad their customer service is.

Wegmans employees have been found blaming people of doing things in the store that they haven't done. Often times the managers give you dirty looks. The head of security was walking around and happened to be staring at my son. I asked if something was wrong and he just gave my son another dirty look and walked away.

He's three years old. I find it sad how immature the workers are.

Never again will I ever enter that store. I like spending my money at places where you're actually treated with respect.

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Manchester, Maryland, United States #1231272

Wegmans some of the employees in Hunt Valley are very rude ,this is the second time that one of them has been rude towards me .just as i was entering the breakfast area to order croissant croissant with bacon one of their employee rush pass me got in front of me order some thing pay for order and the other employees order,I stated that's rude,didn't say excuse me or noting in that matter, so I said to the cashier you have some rude employees here ,she stated oh she was paying for the other employees meal ,I stated I don't care , Courtesy don't any one.

Allentown, Pennsylvania, United States #707411

Wegmans is a sesspool. The workers are some of the rudest people I've ever encountered.

Luckily I've stopped shopping there, and I have had much more pleasant grocery runs. I live near the Allentown, PA Wegmans. Luckily there are plenty of other grocery stores in the area like Weis and Giant.

I'd rather spend my money there. You should try shopping somewhere else.

to Anonymous Edgewood, Maryland, United States #748551

CESSPOOL is spelled CESSPOOL, so when you make comments, you should really learn to spell so your ignorance doesn't show through...my suggestion to you, is, stay away from Wegmans, and don't be a hater!

Rochester, New York, United States #706598

Ma'am (or sir): Wegmans staff are immature and rude folks...It is a sad day that many of us, loved shopping there, but will not ever returned following our experiences.

to Anonymous #765592
I agree about their rudeness. After my experience today, I will never return to Wegmans.

They refused to help me in spite of the fact that I have a broken right wrist that is currently in a cast.

I will give my business to a store whose workers are kinder, courteous & value their customers. :(

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