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"Everyday you get out Best….just not today".

Wegmans Pharmacy slogan needs to be changed to "Everyday you get out Best….just not today". I must say how appalled I am in the way Wegmans Pharmacy has been treating it's customers. Even as an onlooker I have noticed other customers being belittled and mistreated as patients being forced to accept anything and everything told to them by the pharmacy. Being certified in the field of pharmacy I know the rules and laws both state and moral for treating patients, thus I am aware of the options that are available to me as a patient. Options being withheld by Wegmans.

An important prescription was not in stock due to their order being held up by a storm, and I was told they were to borrow the medication from a neighboring Wegmans to insure I would not be left without. Upon arrival to the second Wegmans, 20 miles later, I was encountered by a frustrated pharmacist yelling that the other Wegmans made an error and he would NOT fill my prescription due to insurance regulations nor lend the medication, and that I should have been notified, which I was not. Neither store would take responsibility for the error thus I was forced to go without, and to leave a pharmacy that had my medication, because he simply "chose" not to help.

With frustrations flaring due to lack of reasoning behind their actions I was simply left at the counter as they walked away from me. Now frustrated to the point of tears and out of options I contacted the pharmacy manager, and a front-end manager who then referred me to complain to corporate, and so that is what I did. The physical repercussions of going without this medication was unacceptable and complaining to an email was not sufficient, so I contacted the Pharmacy to have the manager return my call to discuss the inappropriate way I was treated. In the end I voice my opinion via email to the corporate office twice, made a complaint to the front-end manager, and left a message for the pharmacy manager, in which I did not receive a response from either the local level or the corporate office, not even an apology. A company that does not accept that fact that a medication is life altering should not be in the medical customer service field. Wegmans may keep their customer's coming back due to low prices, but their customer service is becoming even lower.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wegmans Prescription Refill.

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Rochester, New York, United States #776072

this sounded like an isolated incident.


absolutely true from a consumer perspective. half of them are teenagers who could care less about customer service much less adhering to ethical standards.

to iheartnj #1001054

I didn't know teenagers were pharmacists.....???

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