A couplw of weeks ago, I was in Wegmans and along with my groceries I also purchased a bottle of Sake for which I was carded. This might not have been unjustified but I'm 62 years old and haven't been carded since I was 40, that in and of itself an outrage.

The law states you must be and look over 21, in order to purchase alcohol but come on people, carding some one just because they look under 40 is ***. I've seen 20 year olds who at best look about 25 but if they look over 25, chances are they are of legal age and now Wegmans has a new policy, to card everybnody regardless of age, is obserd to say the least. I complained about it and was told, thet were sorry that In felt that way and the a slight drop in sales was acceptable, but I told them the loss would be more then slight and then they really would be sorry, when they lost their jobs due to cut backs. This, it would seem is the beginning of the errosion of human rights, first be the loss of majarity rights, then civil rights then!!!

Corporate America has lost its' collective corporate mind.

I will never shop at Wegmans again. Why?

Because, I can go to any ABC store and buy Hard liquior hassle free, but not Wegmans, oh no. Their polocies outstrip the law and for this they will get sued many times.

Dan Reynolds

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It amazes me what people get angry over. If you live in NJ, I don't know if you npoticed but sellinG liquor in a grocery store is noT very common.

In order to get the APPROVAL wegmans must have had to jump through hoops and do tricks. Probably,M having to card EVERYONE was part of the agreement to get a liquor licsence THE TOWNSHIP. maybe you need to decide if you want to be able to purchase SAKE with your groceries or have to go to another store to get it. Seems to me it would be easier to show your *** ID than to drive to another store.

All the time you spent yelling and screaming you probably could have shown your ID 50times and been out the door. Real Smart.

Ive been in back of people like you in line many times in many stores. ALl stores have rules. Guess what, RULES are made for everyone.

If the rest of the customers have to follow it, what makes you or anyone else so special they need to stand there yelling and screaming at the poor clerk (who did not make the rule). People like that make themselves look like total ***. Show your ID and leave. No need to make the rest of the world stand in line while you berate an employee for a RULE they did not make.

Then call for a manager and yell at them.

I love the ones who yell "DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM" Since the employee can't speak out when I see or hear that I look at my fellow customer and say "No, but I know what you ARE. Now get over yourself so the rest of us can get out of here." :(

Hahaha I love this. I am a proud Wegman's employee and let me start by saying your patronage will not be missed.

Losing our jobs? Wegman's hasn't laid off in 90-some years, don't hold your breath.

Next, your ID has to get run through the scanner at the register to make sure it's not a fake ID. Thanks for being completely uneducated and looking like an ***.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #171558

Maybe they carded you because based on your behavior they thought you wre a child wearing makeup and wigs to look like an older person? Or based on your bahavior they probably thought you were already drunk and wanted to stall your buying until the police arrested you for disorderly conduct.


If you think that's bad at 62, well i'm 68

and to to show proof of age to purchase NA


Tops is even worse .

Guess what ?? Any 5 year old can go to

either store and purchase 40 PROOF cough syrup !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My civil rights are being tested.


And the kicker is, the underage kid with a fake ID manages to buy the liquor hassle-free. Same with smokes.


Legally, Wegmans has every right to ID anyone. Also, there are signs at EVERY register and near the beer/wine cases saying "Be prepared to show proof of age." You can't say you did not have fair warning whatsoever.

How would you like if you lost your job and had to pay fines if you didn't card someone? (Yes, police departments do send in undercover people to check retailers in enforcing compliance)

Sorry- but your argument makes no sense and Wegmans will not miss you as a customer. Instead, you say you are 62- why not take it as a compliment in their cashiers asking you to show ID?

Oh wow, it takes 5-10 seconds to pull out your ID and show it. You are such a cry baby.

:cry . I guess you get pist too when the cop pulls you over and you have to show ID too.

Boohoo. Get over it.

This has to do with liability. The loss of an old man and a bottle of sake or two is a small one compared to the PR and legal penalties they can receive as a result of selling to the under-age.

They are not rocket scientists jockeying the register, so instead of having to pay to get great people that are diligent and smart, they make it drop-dead easy for their minimum wage workers: card everyone or you're fired. Of course it's ridiculous but companies face fines and lost revenues in the 5 figure range PER DAY depending on the state.

It's basic cost-benefit analysis. Sorry.

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