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I purchased a loaf of Wegmans giant white bread on 7/27/10, with expiration date 8/5/10. When I went home and opened the bread, there were bugs smashed in the bread.

I contacted Wegmans on the Contact Us site. I received a response from Mary Joan Stryker. However, the response was very unconcerned about the contaminated product .She dismissed all my points from my e-mail. I said that I would never buy anything from Wegmans again.

Also, she said how she takes pride in the label ,blah blah blah. Here I am a customer who is telling her I have no faith in your products and she dismisses that.

BEWARE!! Wegmans is not a very customer friendly company, and I hope is goes under!!!!

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I hope it goes under, too. We can all help make it happen by not shopping there and informing our family and friends to do the same.

to Gloria #1400432

I also hope they go under. I normally shop at Stop & Shop down the street from Wegmans I was in their store ONCE never again.

I also went to The Burger Bar in Wegmans for the first time and listened to the guy who worked there that they have the BEST hot chocolate anywhere so I ordered one BIG MISTAKE not only was it HORRIBLE but I ordered a large (20 oz.) and got a small (12 oz.) . I went to the register after I was done, which I didn't because it wasn't hot and had no flavor, they offered me another one, I didn't like the first one why would I get a second one. I wanted my money back I showed them the cup that I had only taken a few sips from it and we all know how this story ends I left the place and WON'T BE GOING BACK.

I told people I know not to go there and so Wegmans lost my business and I am not even a customer. I will stay with STOP & SHOP and if they don't have what I need then I will do without.


Ahhhh American White bread. How utterly boring.

Tasteless ***.

Well I would suggest to you learning what bread really is and baking your own.

We both know you won't. I bake 2 loaves of my own bread every week on Sunday.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #171555

How do you know the bug did not come from the shop or perhaps your house. Do you clean up after yourself.

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