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i shop mostly canandaigua or pittsford stores. i have the same complaint from both. anytime there is an error by the cashier overcharging you, they are not allowed to fix it. so i catch the mistake and then am told i have to go to customer service. where i wait for up to 15 minutes to get it sorted out. so they punish the customer for their mistake. this has happened several times, the most recent being today. the longer they make you wait, the... Read more

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I thought getting a turkey all ready cooked from Wegman's was just perfect. I mean, Wegman's, always excellent produce, precooked everything....always delicious. But when we picked it up and opened it, it was visually unsavory. It almost looked boiled. The gravy....lets, just say I was horrified that I ordered this swill. It tasted smelled like dog food and was grey. It was the worst Thanksgiving turkey I have ever experienced. NEVER AGAIN.... Read more

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I am very upset about wegman brand pasta sauce. You now put it in plastic jars and changed the sauce so it is now sweet. A few years ago you also changed your wegmans brand tofu. It is soft and mushy now and even the extra firm falls apart. The only good one you have now is Soy Boy and most of the time your out of that. I now have to get my tofu at Trader Joes. I haven't found a replacement for your sauce yet, but I'm looking. Two major staples... Read more

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I have been a pharmacy customer for 10 years and on several visits the staff has made major errors regarding my prescritions,on one visit they did'n have the medication that my Dr prescribed because it was the name brand thus creating a lesser profit for Wegmans,but they stock a over abundance of the generic brand and I oredered the name brand because the cheap brand was causing reverseable hair Loss!! And as I complained to the Pharmacist she... Read more

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Wegman's pharmacy uses a lot of generic drugs providers shipping their drugs from India. Although the generic companies file with the FDA by listing a US based company they import the generics from India and they appear to have none to a fraction of the effect they should have in reality. By the time the FDA realizes there is a problem the generic company has already closed their doors and refilled with the FDA under a different name. This... Read more

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Some of their Employees are very rude Huntvalley in Cockeysville

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I ordered a 1/2 sheet marble cake.I paid $5extra because I ordered it total$38. The marble was almost non existent. There was only a few chocolate "spots" Poor example for "marble"

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something is wrong with management of the Corning store. I have been a costumer there every week but last Monday your Corning market was the worse ever. Every thing was changed so badly that I could not find some of my buying products and if I do not find them I do not buy them. This as got so bad that I am considering shopping somewhere else. I do not understand why everything is changed around every week. Here costumers are suckers. The... Read more

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on 10/8/16 I went to wegman on military to purchase a sandwich at the sandwich section. I order a small chicken sandwich and a small organ lemonade. It came to about close to ten dollars. The receipt I signed was for close to ten dollars. a few hours ago I looked at my statement and there was a charge on my card same tinme for $38.83. so how was this possible when I signed a receipt for a small amount and ended up seeing a 38.83 charge. I... Read more

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My wife and I both well over 50 went into the East Avenue (Rochester NY) Wegmans to buy beer. My wife showed the cashier ID and then the cashier turned to me and asked to see mine. I told her I wasn't buying the beer and she said it didn't matter because we were together we both had to be proofed. I walked over to a front end manager and told her the cashier refused to sell my wife the beer and her response was " don't you have your ID" I said... Read more

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