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  • From mobile
  • Aug 19
  • #903921

Wegmans pub in Allentown is nothing like a pub... Bartenders act like its a part time job and couldn't care less about patrons... Totally distracted from bar tending.

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  • From mobile
  • Aug 11
  • #898647

Excellent store with friendly service

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Had a cashier tonight who looked across her aisle at her co worker and said "this always happens to me *** people don't read my light that says less than 7 items" ... This is as I am standing there right next to her cashing out with her with roughly 15 items on a Tuesday evening in a nearly empty store with only three lanes open. She never said hello, made eye contact or smiled at me. She stared at me while bagging my groceries and slammed the... Read more

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On several occasions, I was shopping in Wegmans and when I went to purchase certain name brand products, I found them to be replaced with Wegmans products. (i.e. Blue Bonnet Margarine, Puffs tissues, Era laundry and most recently Kraft cheese). I'm sure Wegmans products are of good quality, but there are certain items that people still want the name brand. I have talked to several people and have been told they won't shop there anymore for... Read more

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Wegmans has to put pressure on produce suppliers to store the peaches correctly before delivering to stores/warehouses. All recent purchases of peaches have been mealy and inedible. I have nothing more to add, but the site is requiring a minimum of 100 words so on I go. Not sure why more verbiage is encouraged, as short but succinct messages would seem to be preferable. Ah well, such is life today: More fluff and less substance. Kind of... Read more

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I shop at this location and was looking for a certain vegetable. I stopped a young employee and she wasn't sure if they had the item, so she directed me to this old clerk (possibly a manager). I gave him the description of item and asked if they still carried the item. He was so mad that I interrupted his chatting with another employee, that his response to me was one word, "no"! I replied, "no, what"? He said "no, gone". Just a suggestion,... Read more

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i went to wegman store today which is hylan dr rochester,ny,in henrietta to send the money to india nicely i ask to custumer service i want send money to india the lady custumer service did not tell me this is wegman rule not more then 300 hundred dollar can't send to india she show me little paper thats money gram policey which is wrong they charge me 299 plus 11 dollar fee after that i call money gram and ask them this is true your policey is... Read more

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I have to say that Wegmans sucks overall!! Their containers on their brands are hard to almost impossible to open. Like their rip open stuff. Where it says tear here and i try but it wont rip. So then i have to cut it open. Even after that there is no way to open the item. The plastic us sealed together. Then i have to use the scissors and cut off the ziplock part, cuz, thanks wegmans, cant get the dang thing open. Their brand Ketchup is hard to... Read more

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I ordered some of the hot prepared Asian food, and had an instant stomachache. I had a bad feeling about it, but figured what the ***. Now I'm second-guessing if the conditions of the food were even sanitary. Who knows who could have stuck their hands in there. Ugh!!! The best case scenario here is that it was only MSG. I will not return here for prepared foods, ever. Also, the tables were all dirty and it is not a pleasant environment to... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Jun 19
  • #868374

If you want to feed your family and friends meat and bone meal buy it from this store. Not once but twice from Geneseo NY never again. Everything from Italian sausage, hamburgers and chicken with bone stuck inside chicken breast. By far the worst fathers day cook out ever. Thanks Ole Danny boy

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